Qualities of Friendship

  1. Honest 
  • Friendship is a big part of your life. Having healthy relationships with your friends are important. Certain people have certain characteristics that they look for. The most important for me is Honesty. It is important for there to be a mutual trust. You can’t trust someone, if they lie to you. When someone is honest, your trust is easier to develop. Forgiving people over and over again, for lying , is going to be harder and harder as it goes on. With honesty, you can trust that if you tell them something, it stays between you and them. Honesty is a key part for me to begin a healthy friendship. http://trudyadams.squarespace.com/blog/tbh-5-reason-why-honesty-is-important.html


  • Feeling loved is important. If you don’t feel that your friend loves and cares about you, then your friend ship isn’t a strong bond. I think when you love some one, you would do almost anything for them. When you love someone, other qualities are developed. You care about them, accept them, and help them. When you have a friendship with a loving person, your relationship is stronger, your bond is important. To feel loved, by someone you love, is influential in a relationship.  https://www.quora.com/Why-is-love-so-important-in-human-life


  • Having a support system is essential to me in a friendship. If you can’t support each other, it is going to be tough. You have to support your friend, even if you don’t agree with their decision. You have to be there, when they need you. You have to have you friends back. Support comes with trust, just like honesty. If some supports you, you then trust them. Trusting someone is so important. http://resources.hwb.wales.gov.uk/VTC/2012-13/22032013/hsc/eng/unit-4/u4-rthawb43/u4-rthawb49.htm

4.Good listener

  • Good Listening come next time being supportive. Understanding and processing how your friend feels, is impactful on a relationship. If a friend can sit down and understand how I feel, and can comprehend my emotions, they are a good listener. I want a friend who can do that, because then that shows they support me. It shows they will be there for you, when you fall. Not only do I want them to comprehend, but also understand and care about my emotions. That all come from being a good listener. That is important. http://www.goodchoicesgoodlife.org/choices-for-young-people/listen-up/


  • Being sympathetic isn’t always easy, but it is appealing when people show it. When I am feeling upset or hurt, I want a friend to listen and understand that. Sometimes people might think “People who want sympathy are selfish.” I don’t agree. I think sympathy can help someone get through a tough time. That is why I think friends should already be sympathetic. They should understand. I don’t think you should be longing for sympathy, because you should already have a sympathetic friend. I think sympathy shows your friend that you care, and appreciate them. http://loveaddictionforum.proboards.com/thread/13631/sympathy-empathy-pros-cons




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