Michelle I know


  • Who is the hero in this story? Explain why you think so.


The hero in this story is Claude. Michelle is very sick, and her life isn’t easy. It is hard for her to live. Not to be existent and breathing, but actually live. She doesn’t want to keep living like this, and she has stopped looking for light in her life. She is having a difficult time accepting life. Claude helps her realize that sometimes you have to make the best out of the worst times.



The Turning point is when Michelle meets Claude. Michelle had heard of a man who had been sick for many years. She couldn’t imagine being sick for that long.  When she finally meets Claude he is strumming his guitar, his song seems touching. After Michelle talks to Claude she sees how he is grateful for the small things in life.


  • What is the overall message and mood?


The overall message of the story is to see the good in life. Be grateful for the good moments, and don’t dwell on the moments that aren’t the best. Make the most of life, and live the happiest life you can. If you don’t seek to fulfil life with dreams and hopes, you won’t have a happy life. If you constantly get upset over objects you can’t have, you will lack feelings of joy.


  • Why is humour an important part of this story?


Without humour and laughter life is dull. The story is trying to prove you to ignore the dullness of life, and be encouraged with the brightness of life. When Michelle throws her wig onto the IV poll, Rob makes a humorous joke. “Allow me, madam, may I have this dance?” If Rob hadn’t made that joke, we would have continued to look at the wig as a tangled mop dangling off the pole. Rob helped Michelle find humour in a small moment.


  • Why do you think Alison Lohans calls her story “The Michelle I Know”?


Alison Lohans title appears again in the very last line of the story. With Michelle constantly dreading over little details it seems to become overwhelming to Rob. Nearing the end of the story Michelle begins to loosen up, and finally cracks a smile. Once Michelle smiles it reminds Rob of how happy Michelle was. That is why he says she “that’s the Michelle I know.”

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