Protected: Key Quiz: The Cask of Amontillado

Answer each question in a carefully worded sentence.

  1. Relate Montressor’s family motto, which translates to, “No one attacks me with impunity” (freedom from punishment), to the story.
  2. In the story, Montressor makes certain that he has revenge for Fortunato’s slight.

  3. Fortunato belongs to the order of Masons; Montressor says he is a Mason too. What does he really mean.?
  4. He plans to do some masonary work to bury Fortunato.

  5. When Fortunato drinks to the dead, Montressor drinks to Fortunato’s long life. Why is his toast ironic?
  6. He knows Fortunato is soon to die.

  7. When Fortunato says that his cough is nothing, that he will not die of a cold, Montressor says, “True, true.” What is the significance of his words?
  8. He knows what the cause of Fortunato’s death will be.

  9. When he has already chained Fortunato, Montressor says, in part, “Once more let me implore you to return.” Why does he say that?
  10. To torture Fortunato, who cannot free himself.

  11. The final sentence of the story is the Latin phrase which means “rest in peace.” Why is that ironic?
  12. Fortunato, buried alive, won’t rest in peace.

  13. How large is the cask (gallons or litres)?
  14. 126 gallons, 477 litres

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