Challenges to Survival

In the world we live in today, we have many challenges to our survival. Some of the challenges we face as the population do not threaten us immediately, but over time have a great effect on our world. These challenges include threats to our environment, challenges animals face in our environment, and whether individual survival is more important than population survival. These aren’t all of the challenges, but they are important.

Without a doubt, there are so many threats to our environment.

This is only one of the many threats to our environment. Its amazing and a bit scary to think of what some storms can do to you.

Climate change is a huge issue and most people in our society have at least heard it mentioned before. It melts polar ice caps and also increases annual precipitation.

This may seem like I’m moving on to a different threat to the environment, but really the two are connected.

It’s true that with wildfires such as the Fort McMurray fire climate change can be an important factor to consider when looking at the causes. One problem, though, is the fact that some don’t believe that climate change is a true threat. There are many arguments for both sides, and I cannot say for certain which is true, because I am no experienced scientist, but the evidence seems to lead to the conclusion that it is a real issue.

We can do things like biking instead of driving (when possible), we can take public transportation, and we could car pool with others who are going to the same place.

There are a lot of other threats to our environment as well.

All of these threaten our environment in their own way.

This is the second topic. Animals experience many hardships in the wild on their own, but the impact that humans have on the wild makes the animals’ hardships even more. I already mentioned climate change earlier, and this has an impact on many animals.

One animal in particular affected by climate change is the polar bear.

This means animals like polar bears have to adapt to unfamiliar climates, or else they die. This is very unfortunate and another reason why we have to work together to stop climate change. There are many other factors that affect the survival of animals as well, like deforestation (among other things).

People clear forests for things like logging and farmland but they often don’t think about harming the animals that are in the forests. It is important to protect the forests that we have and let the animals keep their homes.

A lot of bees are dying because of rough winters. Hopefully bee population can increase again, because they do things like pollinate flowers and make honey.

My third topic is if population survival is more important than individual survival. I think that population survival is more important than individual survival because we need to coexist as a species. We are all human beings and I think that we should work together to survive as a group. If individual survival was more important, then people would turn against each other, and there would be more fighting among us. I kind of think that if it was like this, there wouldn’t be nearly as many humans as there are right now. If population survival is more important than individual survival, then the human race as a whole can survive and we can all stand up for each other and work together to make better ways to survive. Even if a few individuals die along the way, it would be better if the whole population survives.

These are just some of the challenges to our survival on this Earth. There are many more of them and as time goes on, there will probably be ones that we don’t even think of right now. In the present, though, we do have challenges like threats to our environment, challenges that animals have, and whether individual survival is more important than population survival. We will continue to have these problems, and it’s up to us to try and solve them.


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