Should Cell Phones be Allowed in Classrooms at St. Jerome’s?

By Sean Ulrich

At the age of about fourteen, many of us have a cell phone. A lot of us take them everywhere we go to, but should they be allowed inside classrooms at St. Jerome’s Catholic School? In my opinion, they should not be permitted in classrooms. I feel this way because of reasons like distractions, cheating to get answers, and invading privacy. By the end of this essay, I bet you will feel the same way.

Distractions are a major reason why cell phones should not be allowed in classrooms. It is understandable that some students prefer to work with music on their phone, but maybe a teacher could just take requests and put on music for the whole class, because if students are texting during class, playing games, or going on social media rather than picking songs, that can draw their attention away from learning. If they are focussing on those things instead of their work they won’t know important concepts when it comes time for exams. Cell phones can not only distract the owner, but can distract everyone else in the class as well. Imagine sitting in a quiet class, working on a test, when all of a sudden someone’s ringer goes off. It would be quite irritating to everyone else in the room and the owner of the phone would definitely get in trouble. If cell phones weren’t allowed in class, students would be able to be more focussed on their work and get better marks.

Cheating to get answers is another reason why cell phones shouldn’t be in class. I know that sometimes phones could be allowed to do research during class, but it would be best to book a laptop cart to use for research. For exam times especially phones have the potential to be an issue. Most phones have some kind of search engine and it’s quite easy to get answers for most questions you type in. This may result in students getting more marks unfairly. If cell phones weren’t allowed in classrooms, students would know that they’re all on level ground. If a student didn’t study it doesn’t mean they should be able to search answers on the internet. If they need help with some things, they should ask the teacher before an exam so the teacher can help them understand.

Another issue that phones can contribute to in the classroom is invasion of privacy. A lot of times, students post pictures (often embarrassing) of others on social media without consent. Allowing cell phones in class gives students more opportunities to do this. Many people feel that it’s fun to take embarrassing pictures of or videos of people and post them on social media to have a good laugh, but those pictures and videos can have a huge negative effect on people. When someone whose picture was posted to social media gets teased they could feel humiliated. If cell phones weren’t allowed in class, it would decrease some of the chance of this happening. Everyone wants the classroom to be a place where people feel comfortable and safe, not insecure.

You’ve seen the evidence; I’ve made my point clear: cell phones really have no place inside a classroom. A classroom should be a place of learning, not a place where students get distracted by their phones. Classrooms should be places where all students get the same opportunities, not where they can cheat off of their phones to get answers. They should, lastly, be safe environments for students, not where students take embarrassing pictures of others and post them on social media. I think it’s quite plain that everyone would benefit if cell phones weren’t allowed in classrooms.

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