The best movie and you may cried in the movie

The best movie I’ve have seen in a long time was Heaven Is For Real! It was last week when my mom bought the movie and we watched it. When I was watching the movie it made me sad. This movie was about a young boy Connor Corum played the part of Colton Burpo who was the son of a pastor played by Greg Kinnear. Colton get sick and was rush to the emergency which they did emergency surgery. During his surgery Colton told his family that he saw the doctor operating on him.Colton also told them that he saw his mom praying in the waiting room. And his father in another room yelling at God to not let him die.Colton tells them that he meet his great Grandpa who died before he was born. He mentioned that he met his sister and meeting Jesus. Colton described what Jesus looked like. Colton’s father and mother did not believe him,which they thought he was dreaming it.But he was not, he really did see his great Grandpa, his sister and Jesus. Colton had proof that he saw Jesus because when he was in surgery Jesus was with him, sang to him and said I have to show you something and walked out the door and colton followed Jesus. Jesus told Colton that he only had a couple days to live and this is what his family’s life would be like if Colton was not there they would be mad and sad for the rest of their lives and Colton did not want that. Jesus told Colton he would give him a second chance.Colton left Jesus and returned back to his life and woke up. He said to his dad “ I was dead and you don’t have to believe me but it is true”. Colton’s dad replied “I believe you son”, Colton said “I knew you would”.

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  1. This sounds like a nice movie although I have never seen this movie but you make it interesting. Except I think you could work on your grammar. Good job!

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