Eileen and I

The memories in people lives are important to keep loved one alive in our hearts and minds when they pass away. My granny was a teacher and her favorite subject was math. Granny loved to call me Tenille . She mixed up Tenille and I because Tenille visited her everyday. Granny  loved go to church every Saturday to be with Jesus. She loved him.  These some of my memories of Granny. There are lots more!  This my make me feel happy and helps when I miss her lots.


Grandpa Emerson

I was taught by my grandpa to keep memories safe.  He loved canned nuts and Pepsi.  His favorite thing to do was painting stuff for my brother and I. A gift that Grandpa made me was a little green tractor.  I am too old to play with it now but sometimes I will take it out and hold it to remember my grandpa.  When Grandpa built it was living in the Camrose Lodge. They have a woodworking shop there. It was quite neat to watch. Every visit he would ask how each of us were. Grandpa cared about us and was always interested in what we were doing. When Grandpa was dying he didn’t want to be alone.  So my mom ask the doctor in Camrose to bring him to Vermilion to be with his family for his last day. My mom was too scared to watch him die and was worried that she would cry too much. So Dad spent the night with him. The next day, Dad came home and told us Grandpa had passed away. There are lots more memories about him. These make me feel happy and help when I’m upset to be happy. I miss him lots and I know he will be in my heart always.


Pay Back

A funny memory from our Martin Family Reunion that still makes me laugh out loud, is when my cousin Dane was paid back for being a goof ball. Uncle Anthony was sleep on the grass. Dane thought it would be a great idea to throw a bucket of cold water at him.Uncle Anthony warned us not to wake him up! But, as usual,Dane did not listen. Boy, was Uncle Anthony mad! He screamed “Who did this?” It wasn’t hard to figure it out. Dane laughing hard gave him away.It was revenge time. Uncle Anthony grabbed Dane by the arms and told my cousins Adam and Myles (Dane’s brothers) to hold his arms. Uncle Anthony dumped ketchup, mustard, relish, and mayonnaise on Dane’s head.Dane was treated to a head massage! He smelled horrible. Guess who had to sit by him in the Ranger. Me!  It was gross! As we were driving,his brothers had enough of his awful smell.They grabbed him by the arms and legs to toss him into the lake.It was great day! Dane got caught for his prank and paid back, then he had to take a bath, too.   

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