Sledge Hockey

Sledge hockey is a sport that was designed to allow people who have a physical disability (with their legs) to play the game of ice hockey. Players are strapped into a two-bladed sledge. They move themselves with sticks spiked at one end and curved blades at the other for shooting.

There have 15 players on the team and three 15 min periods in a game. In a typical hockey game there are three 20 mins periods in a game with 20 players on the team.

Equipment needed:

Hockey Gloves  Image result for hockey gloves

two specialty Stick Image result for sledge hockey sticks

Helmet with a cageImage result for helmet with cage

Sledge Image result for sledge hockey


Image result for puck

Enjoy this video! It’s funny!


Monday, December 18,2017,  my Gym class tried Sledge Hockey.  Us girls liked to race, spin in circles and my friend  liked to try to stop quickly.But the boys liked to bump together and try to make each other fall. There was a lot of laughs! What a BLAST!!





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