John Goddard: Responding to the Profile


1A. Why do you think her has spent his life trying to do everything on his list?

I think that John Goddard has spent his life trying to do everything on his list because he wants to live his life to the fullest and keep his promise.

1B. Imagine yourself at sixty-four. Describe what you think your life might be like.

When I’m 64 years old, I hope to be retired from Country Singing. I might have grey hair but still be beautiful. I will live in Canada, in the countryside, with  sheep, horses, cows, a dog, a cat and a donkey. I will be close to a lake with fish so my dad and I can go fishing together.  I hope that I have grandkids!

1C. List ten things you would like to do or accomplish before you’re forty. Realistically, which ones do you think you will do?

  1. Go to a Toronto Raptors game
  2. Get married
  3. Have kids
  4. Move out of my parents house
  5. Buy a mansion
  6. Have a farm with animals
  7. Go to a Toronto Blue Jays game
  8. Visit Ireland with my dad
  9. Have Pool inside my mansion
  10. Hire someone to take care of my house and farm.

Realistically, I think I will get married and have kids. Hopefully, I will have moved out my parents house! It is very realistic to think that I will go to a Toronto Raptors and a Toronto Blue Jays game someday. Also, to visit Ireland with my dad.

1.D. If you had to choose between a life of far-off adventure by yourself or staying in one place with friends and family, which one would you choose? Explain your choice.

I choice staying in one place with friends and family because if someone pass away I always have someone there to bring me and a be happy. That also means that I can be there for them to.

1.E.  What do you think of the goals listed? Which would be the easiest to accomplish? The hardest? Why?

The easiest to accomplish is jujitsu. With practice it will not be hard to learn.

The hardest is to make a parachute jump. I will go with a friend but not alone, just in case I pulled the wrong strings.


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