I’ve Got Gloria Question

1.A Why do you think there is a battle of wills between Scott and his father?

Scott doing the wrong thing that his parents do not want him to.

1.B What do you think will happen on Scott’s first day of summer school?

I think that they will be the same as at school because they will always fight.

1.C  In your journal, write about  an experience in your life that made you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable?

In my life a time that felt embarrassed was when I had to hug boys at my uncle’s funeral.  They are my brother’s friends. I was hugging my brother  then he hugged me.  My mom said, “Time to go to the grave.” I saw the boys outside.  They came over to say hi and hug my brother.  Then they hugged me. Even though I was sad, I felt embarrassed, too. My brother’s friends NEVER hug me!  Then I hit my head when I was getting in the car. Everyone laughed at me!

1.D Discuss how the reader sees Mrs Whitman through Scott’s eyes.

“That mean, freckled face, with the the glasses over those hard little green eyes, the small, pursed lips, mop of frizzy hair topping it all…”

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