Pranks can be fun but sometimes they can be hurtful. I am part of a family that loves to play pranks on each other! Enjoy a few adventures that may or may not have happened in real life.


Once upon a time there was a spoiled boy called D. It was a warm summer day at the lake. Uncle A was sleeping in cabin. D decided that this was a good time to play a prank.  He said that he was going to bathroom and tiptoed to the water fountain. D filled a bucket with cold water then came back to the campsite. His older cousins tried to stop him but D did not listen. He hid in the tall grass and waited until Uncle A came out. Uncle A was still tired after his nap, so he laid down on the grass. When he wasn’t looking, D snuck up and dumped the bucket of cold water on Uncle A to wake him up! Uncle A jumped up and screamed,”Ahh! Where are you? You little …!” All of D’s older cousins helped Uncle A get D. Everyone began to chase D. When D was caught Uncle A shouted, “Hold his arms up! On top his head!” Uncle A put in ketchup, mustard, relish, barbecue sauce and mayonnaise In his hair!  It was disgusting! D sat beside me during snack. It was the grossest smell ever!! Thankfully the adults decided to go to the lake.


Once upon a time there was a mysterious girl named B. It was warm summer day at the lake, when Cousin B was going on drive. She had lots of quiet time to think. When she came back we ate lunch and play cards with our other cousins. B and some older cousins went to town for a little while to hang out. All my aunts and uncles said, “Let’s go to the Haunted House in forest!”  So we all jumped on the quads and drove to the haunted house. We didn’t know just how scary this trip would be! Some of my cousins were hiding in the bush waiting to scare us younger kids. When we got to the haunted house four cousins were dressed all in black clothes and said, “CAN WE EAT YOU?” in a creepy voice.  They tried to pull me off the quad.  I said,”No!”  They tried and tried to pull me off the quad.  I cried and held my uncle very tightly. They left me alone and went to frighten my older cousin.  They lifted him off the ground and held his legs and arm. In a terrifying voice someone said, CAN WE EAT YOU?”. Then I realized it was my cousin because he was wearing his favorite hat turn backwards on his head. I relaxed and was calm. It made me happy to know there were no REAL monsters in the bush!

It was a cold winter day at my house, when some of my friend came for sleepover. We decided to prank call someone. We knew that B was home alone and scared of everything! We called B and said “DID YOU ORDER 100 KETCHUP CASES?”

He said “No.”

Quickly we hung up the phone.

After a while we felt bad and called B back. We told him it was just a prank.


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