The Human Condition

Milan Kundera – The longing for Paradise is man’s longing not to be man.

My name is doctor George Berg. I study gorillas as a living my studies take me all across the worlds rainforest’s and jungles studding these magnificant animals. My fascination for these great creatures started a long time ago. I did an animal report on the in grade 4 and from there  it all took off. Now I’m a proud animals scientist specializing in gorillas.

I now live in New York City. I live in an older apartment filled with pictures of all the animals I’ve met in my travels. Its like your stepping into a forest after walking off the crowed, loud streets. It makes me feel at peace with the the world. Someday I  hope to move out into the jungle and live with the gorillas. I hope that they will accept me into the group and i can live among them. Some days I dream of being a gorilla running around being free from stress. just living.

Today was going to be a busy one in the office. I got to work about 8:00 in the morning.

“Good morning” said my assistant Jane as i walked through the door.

“Morning” I said as I walked to my desk.

“I can’t wait for next week, what about you?” asked Jane.

Oh! I completely forgot about that!

Next week I fly to Africa to study lowland gorillas in Africa. I’m going to study their eating habits. i hope to find out where they like to eat and what their eating there.

I couldn’t believe how fast that week went by before I knew it, I was getting onto a plane headed for Africa. when i got there i could hardly walk in straight line I was so excited. When I got to the jungle we set up a base camp on a little bank beside a small stream. It was such a breath taking place the sound of rushing water, the wind rustling the leaves on the trees. To people might call this boring but to me it was paradise.

The next morning our guide Russel took us out to find the gorillas. It took us about a day to find the gorillas, we searched almost everywhere that Russel had seen the gorillas.

They are such amazing creatures aren’t they? asked Russel .

“Yes they are very fascinating, They are so lucky to be out here living in the jungle living with really no fear what so ever”. I proclaimed.

“You must really love these animals don’t you? asked Russel.

“Yes, If i didn’t have these creatures to share my time with I would be lost in this complex world”. I said.

We than studied the gorillas for the next to weeks. Finding out what they eat, following them to where they go to sleep at night. they seem so at peace with the world. We even got to be within a few feet of the gorillas. The two weeks in the jungle flew by. Before I knew it I was on my flight back to New york.

It was the day I got back I found myself in deep thought thinking about the gorillas. Wishing I was still there with them. I stared at the pictures of them.

That night laying in my bed, I found myself in the jungle again I walked through a bush and there were the gorillas, They aceepted me into their group. I had no worries, I was finally at peace with the world I was a gorilla.

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