on the sidewalk bleeding, by: Evan Hunter


1. Who is the protagonist?


2. What is/are the conflicts?

Man vs Man

Andy vs The Drunk

Andy vs The Couple (Freddie & Angela)

Andy vs Old Lady

Royals vs Guardians  – This is the conflict that started everything.. it is a rivalry between two of the most powerful gangs in the city. This rivalry is the reason that Andy was stabbed.

Andy vs Laura – There is a lot of conflict in Andy and Laura’s relationship. Andy left her at the dance and while he was laying on the sidewalk bleeding he was wondering if she would be mad but he was also thinking about how much he loved her so they has a healthy yet unhealthy relationship, and that would cause a lot of conflict.

Man vs Society

Andy vs Jacket – I would say that this conflict is the most important one in the story. It is his purple royals jacket that put him in this mess. It is the jacket that got him stabbed. The jacket is the reason that the couple did not help him in the alley. It is the jacket that makes him a royal, and when everyone sees him all they see is the jacket not Andy.

Andy vs laws

Andy vs gangs

Andy vs money

Man vs Self

Andy vs Himself  – There is lots of internal conflict in this story. He is lying in an alley bleeding out so he had time to think and all of this thinking caused him to have tons of internal conflict. Why did he have to leave the dance and Laura? What if he had not been wearing his jacket? Why is no one helping him?

Andy vs Death – It took Andy quite a while to accept that he was dying, and even when he did finally realize it he denied it because he could not accept the fact that he was dying.

Andy vs Hope – Andy is given tons of hope in this story then he gets it all taken away from him and at the end is left with none.

Andy vs fear

Andy vs individuality

Andy vs spirit

Andy vs mind

Andy vs soul

Man vs Environment

Andy vs cold

Andy vs dark

Andy vs rain

3. The conflict is developed through the use of names that apply to the boy: Andy and a Royal. Skim the story to note how the names appear in critical places. What do these names represent?

He is Andy the royal. Whenever someone looks at him they see the purple jacket and from that they see a royal and that is all. No one bothers to ask him his name or even call him it when it is right on the front of his jacket. Because no one bothers to recognize that he has a name he is also referred to as buddy, he, and him.

4. What effect does Andy’s jacket have on the people who find him in the alley?

The jacket has no effect on the drunk, he doesn’t even realize that Andy is part of a gang. The jacket makes the couple scared… scared of him, scared of helping him, and scared of what will happen to them if they do help him.

5. What are the reasons why these people do not help Andy?

The drunk – He can only see himself in Andy when he finds him, and because of this he is unable to see what the real problem is and therefore unable to help him. There is a lot of irony involved in this.

The couple (Freddie & Angela) – They come very close to helping Andy but they then realize that they are very scared of what will happen to them if they do.. They are scared of helping a royal not scared of helping Andy.

The Old lady – She goes in and out of the alley without even noticing Andy.. So she is not able to help him because she was not even aware that he was there much less that he needed help.

6. At what point does Andy realize he is dying?

Andy first realizes he is dying when the couple is in the alley will him. He realizes that he is dying but he then denies it because he does not want to die. He is not ready to accept that he is dying.

7. What does Andy do with the last of his strength? How is this important to the theme and to the outcome of the conflict?

He takes of his jacket with the last of his strength he knows he is going to die and he has decided he does not want to die a royal. There is no more pride left in being a royal, not after all of this has happened. He wants to die Andy. He just wants the world to see him as Andy when he is gone.

8. What is the climax or turning point? Sketch a plot diagram.

plot diagram

9. What is the police officers reaction to Andy? How does this contribute to the author’s message? 

When the police officer see’s Andy his reaction is basically oh it’s just another dead royal. Even when the jacket isn’t even on him the officer can’t see anything pass it. I think that this contributes to the officers message by saying that even sometimes no matter what you do to change, even when you think it has worked some people will never see you differently.

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