study skills

Memory ↴

The main purpose of studying is to remember your material.. So memory is a very important factor.

There are three main types of memory:

Sensory memory- comes in through the senses, and is the shortest term element of memory memory
Short term memory- is temporary and needs repetition to move on to long-term memory
Long term memory- is not temporary.. here are the two kinds of long-term
– Recognition: short-term.. becomes long with rehearsal

– Recall: information produced from memory

Things only move from short-term memory to long-term memory while you are asleep!.. This is when you brain has time to sort through everything.
Note taking ↴

Note taking is hugely important for studying. Notes are probably the best thing that you can study off of, because they are in your words and are therefore much easier for you to understand.

There are tons of different types of note taking strategies.. In order to pick a good one for you, you should know your learning style.
visualVisual learners should try to change-up their colour of ink. Use lots of pictures, diagrams, and charts. They should also try to make and use flashcards to study.

auditoryAuditory learners should read notes out loud to self when studying or make audio tapes. It is also very helpful to try to memorize facts and concepts to a catchy tune.  They should minimize the amount of auditory distractions they have when studying

tactileKinesthetic learners should re write out notes as part of studying. It is also very helpful to build projects and act out scenes in order to learn. They should also try to take frequent stretch breaks.
Once you have figured out your learning style you can pick one of the many note taking strategies to use. These strategies include: the Cornell, outline, chart, mind map, and sentence methods. Flashcards, foldables, and highlighting important points in your notes to be able to look over quickly.. Visit this website for more information on note taking-

Some last little things you should know for studying are…

You must go over information at least 3 times to be able to remember it. Having planned study time and a non distracting study place is quite important. You also need to stay healthy, and get lots of sleep to be successful!

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