bottle rockets

Group name: Wildcats

Members: Taya Henderson, Rainey Watkins, Seth Mansfield

Rocket name: Sharknado


One 2L pop bottle

Half of a football

Three plastic cardboard fins

Purple spray paint

Red and white acrylic paint

One pair of googly eyes

Hot glue

Gorilla tape

One army man
Weight: 176g

Height: 38cm

Distance: 69m

Duration: 7.21s

Precision: 13m away from pylon

This rocket was definitely the biggest surprise out of the three rockets that we made. We thought that it would fly the worst, but in the end it was very close to our best flying rocket. I am really quite happy with how this one flew and landed, but if I were to improve anything I would take away some of the creativity and make the nose cone make more sense for what it was needed for.

image image image

Rocket name: Goldilocks


Three 2L pop bottles

Cut up plastic cardboard

Badminton birdie

Tennis ball

Gorilla tape

Duct tape

Hot glue

Container with sand
First try-

Weight: 253g

Height: 64cm

Distance: 57m
After we added more weight to the nose end we flew it again and these were the results:

Weight: 275g

Height: 64cm

Distance: 77m

Duration: 7.68s

Precision: 15m away from pylon

This was our rock star rocket! It did the best in two out of the three challenges, and it was also the one that we made the most improvements and changes to. The most influential change that we made was the amount of weight on the nose end. This majorly impacted the distance that it went, and how it came down from flying. If I were to improve one more thing on this rocket it would be to make the nose cone more durable so that the end of the rocket did not cave in.

image image image

Rocket name: Connor

Two 2L pop bottles

28 straws

Duct tape

Hot glue


Black spray paint

Super glue

Skeleton thing
Weight: 208g

Height: 45cm

Distance: 52m

Duration: 4.91s

Precision: 25m away from pylon

This rocket was most definitely the one that we were most proud of appearance wise, but when it came to flying it quite honestly let us down. We thought that because of our unique fin design and more compact size that it would be able to fly quite high and have a far distance. Unfortunately it did the worst in all of the challenges. If I were to improve one more thing on this rocket I would make it more aerodynamic by creating a more aerodynamic nose cone.

image image image


These are some of the photos from after the rockets hit the ground:

image (2)image (1)imageIMG_2769IMG_2767FullSizeRender2IMG_18271FullSizeRender1 (1)


Here are some videos of our rocket launches:

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