The Veldt, by Ray Bradbury (question 6)

6. What do you think happened at the end of the story?

I think that the nursery made the children extremely attached to it.. So much so that they couldn’t even bear the thought of having it turned off for good. But the problem was that their parents did want it turned off, and this made them hate their parents. They would rather have no parents than ones who would want to do something as horrific as turn off the nursery. I believe that the children came to the conclusion that the only way their nursery could stay on was if their parents were dead. They were very aware that whatever they thought about would come to life in their nursery. So they then decided to have the thought that their parents get eaten by lions, and I think that the thought came to life and this happened. I also believe that they conjured up the thought of killing David McClean because like their parents he wanted the nursery turned off and Wendy and Peter could never let that happen.


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