dear self letter

Dear Self…

I believe that racism is very wrong, and value equality for everyone.┬áSo many people think that if they make a racial comment or slur it won’t hurt or effect anyone because so many people do it, but those people are dead wrong. It is not okay and it is even less okay that people think it is okay because “everyone does it”.

In the movie Glory Road one of the main ideas is racism. The black players in the movie face lots of discrimination because of their colour. People were not ready for the change that they were faced with when the black players got put on the team, and started. Instead of trying to except the change, these racist people threw hatred at the people that were different than them.

One of the main accounts of racism in the movie was when the boys stopped at a rest stop to eat, and Nevil Shed went into the bathroom where he was beat up quite badly. Three white men followed Nevil when he was entering the bathroom, said “good game today” then all three of them beat him up and shoved his head into a toilet. After this Nevil exited the bathroom stunned and injured.. the team then saw this and the two biggest players went outside to try and catch the men that did it. Nevil was treated with violence because of racism, but the team reacted to the racism with violence as well.

The racism in this movie was not just targeted towards the black players. The white players were also discriminated because of their involvement with the black players, and their involvement with the team. The coaches wife was being sent hate mail all because her husband was the one who made this big change and involved these black players in the sport. The racist people went so far as to discriminate people who were involved with the team in any possible way.

This movie is a great example of how real racism was, and even though it has gotten better it is still so far from everyone being treated equally. If more and more people realize how wrong racism is, and stop doing it racism would finally go away. People need to realize that just because it seems like everyone makes racial comments that definitely does not mean that you need to.




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