thank you ma’am response

Thank You Ma’am is a short story that is written by Langston Hughes. This short story was originally published in 1958 this tells us that that was most likely the time period where the short story takes place.


The story starts off with quite a humorous sentence, this sentence is: “She was a large woman with a large purse that had everything in it but hammer and nails.” Since the story starts off this way it gives us the idea that the whole story itself will also be quite light and humorous. The whole story did not turn out to be like this, but there were some parts that were. Most of the time when Mrs.Jones spoke there was lots of humor added to what she was saying. What she said was still important, but because of the humor it was easier to understand. This humor makes the story light where it would otherwise be very serious and heavy because of the issue that is being dealt with.

The lightness brought into the story really helps us to focus less on the real seriousness of it, but the seriousness is still very much there. A main issue in the story is homelessness and another is growing up in violent neighborhoods. I believe that the reason that Mrs.Jones is so understanding of Roger is because she was in his position at one point, and she genuinely understands what it is that he is going through. It is said in the story that she is living with other people, I think that this means that she is living in something that may be known as an apartment house. We can assume from where she lives that she does not have a huge sum of money, and that she most likely does not live in the best neighborhood. Even with all of this she has somewhere to live, and feels safe enough even with everything going on around her.

From the details in the story I believe that Mrs.Jones is the first person that has really cared about Roger for quite a long time, maybe even his whole life. Meeting her and realizing that good things really can happen would have been a huge turning point in Rogers life. She somehow realized what he needed and helped him with that. What Roger needed was someone to actually care about him and he finally got that, if only for that one evening. Rogers life will be forever changed from trying to steal Mrs.Jones purse.

Acts of kindness happen each and every day. One that I see happening around me most often is people returning something to you that you dropped or misplaced instead of selfishly keeping it for themselves. It is truly amazing that there are still people in this world kind enough to do that.


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