substance abuse survey & response

Question 1: Most kids in high school smoke cigarettes regularly. 

The answer to this is very much myth.. In 2013 9% of students said they smoked one cigarette in the last 12 months, 3% said they smoked one cigarette a day.


Question 2: Drinking beer or wine will not make you as drunk as drinking hard liquor.

If two people were to drink the same amount of alcohol with one person drinking beer and the other drinking hard liquor the person drinking hard liquor would be more drunk, because hard liquor has a higher percent of alcohol in it. The answer to this question would be fact if they were to drink the exact same amount. Although it would take more to get drunk off of beer or wine than hard alcohol that doesn’t mean that it wouldn’t be possible for the person drinking the beer or wine to get more drunk. If the amount of alcohol consumed was not a factor in this question the answer would be myth. This question could be answered either way depending on the amounts of alcohol consumed. Since it does not specify the answer to this question would be myth.. 1.5 ounces of hard liquor is equal to 12 ounces of beer, a 5 ounce glass of wine is equal to one shot of hard liquor.


Question 3: Marijuana is less harmful than tobacco or alcohol. 

Myth.. A typical marijuana cigarette has the same cancer causing toxins as 10 regular cigarettes. Marijuana also impairs you very severely.


Question 4: Tobacco kills more people in Canada each year than motor vehicle collisions, suicides, homicides, and AIDS combined. 

Fact.. Tobacco use kills 4 times as many people as motor vehicle collisions, suicides, homicides, and AIDS combined.


Question 5: Tobacco is the most common drug used by teens in high school. 

Myth.. Alcohol is the most common drug used by teens in high school, 50% of students have drank in the last year and 50% do not, 23% have smoked marijuana in the last year, 9% have smoked a cigarette in the last year.


Question 6: Alcohol is often involved by one or both parties when a sexual assault occurs. 

Fact, two thirds of all sexual assaults among adolescence  one or both parties are under the influence of alcohol.


Question 7: The earlier you start drinking, the more likely you are to become dependent on alcohol.

Fact, the earlier you start the easier it is to become dependent.


Question 8: If someone passes out from drinking, it is best to let that person sleep it off.

In my opinion the answer to this question is most definitely myth. I think this because when people are intoxicated they could get alcohol poisoning, or something along those lines. When someone is passed out and these types of things are a risk you don’t actually know if they are going to wake up. That is the main reason that I think you can not just let passed out people who are intoxicated ‘sleep it off.’ You need to wake them up regularly to make sure that they are okay. MYTH, alcohol poisoning can cause stoppage of breathing and death, another risk is to choke to death on your own puke when you are passed out.. immediate medical attention is required.


Question 9: Peer conflict/dating violence and unsafe sexual behaviour are associated with smoking, drug, and alcohol use.

Fact, 25% of people aged 15-24 report that their drinking causes a problem, and 70% of people report that they have been a victim to this kind of behaviour.


Question 10: Cocaine use is on the rise for grade 12 students. 

Fact, 7.1% of students in 2013 said they used cocaine, and in 2005 3.7% of grade 12 students said they did.


Question 11: Alcohol affects a pregnant mothers unborn baby. 

FACT, when a a female drinks alcohol during pregnancy it goes directly to the baby’s bloodstream through the placenta. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS).


Question 12: Binge drinking is a serious issue for grade 7-12 students.

Fact, binge drinking is 5 drinks or more that are consumed in one evening. Binge drinking is usually the only drinking done by people this age, 23% of students have reported a binge in the past 4 weeks. reports that there are 6 7000 alcohol related deaths every year.


Question 13: Drugs that are sometimes used to assist a sexual assault (e.g., Rohypnol, GHB, Ketemine) can be put in any drink, not just alcoholic drinks.

Fact, don’t leave your drink lying around and if you happen to don’t start drinking from it again. They are odourless and many drugs are tasteless, so they can be put in any drink. 


Question 14: You will start feeling the effects of drugs that are sometimes used to assist a sexual assault about an hour after you ingest them.

Myth, it can affect you in just a few minutes. Some drugs can affect you in 8 minutes and last up to 8 hours.


Question 15: Males and females react to alcohol in the same way.

Myth, they may have the same amount of alcohol in their bloodstream but they may affect them differently. Females tend to get affected by alcohol sooner than males. Just because you don’t feel the alcohol does not mean that it isn’t in your system. Males have more water in their bodies so they dilute alcohol and it doesn’t affect their bloodstream as quickly. 


Question 16: Many drugs become more dangerous when they are mixed.

Fact, mixing drugs is very dangerous. 


Question 17: Alcohol is a hallucinogen.

Myth, alcohol is not a hallucinogen it is a depressant that affects the body in similar ways as other depressant drugs. 


Question 18: Drinking coffee, working up a sweat, or having a cold shower will sober you up.

Myth, none of that will sober you up because none of those things can remove alcohol from your bloodstream. It takes 1.5 hours for the liver to rid the body of 1.5 ounces of hard liquor. 


Question 19: It is never too late to stop smoking.

Fact, never keep smoking.. quit as soon as possible. The number one poisonous gas in smoke is carbon monoxide and while you smoke and inhale you are inhaling carbon monoxide, if you quit smoking the carbon monoxide leaves you body in 24 hours. 1 year after quitting smoking your risk of heart attack is cut in half , 10 years after quitting the risk of lung cancer is cut in half, 15 years after quitting your risk of heart attack returns to normal.


Question 20: It is safe to take drugs as long as you trust the person who gave them to you. 

The answer to this question is one hundred percent myth. Drugs are not safe no matter who you get them from. There is no way that you should ever take drugs from anyone at all no matter how much you think that you trust this person. Myth, with illegal drugs you never know exactly what you are putting into your body. Don’t take drugs, and the ones that you have to take make sure that they are legal and prescribed by a doctor. Drugs can also spoil and contain mould or other poisonous things.


Question 21: It is much easier to deal with alcohol/drug problems sooner rather than later.

Fact, the longer you wait the tougher it is on your body and on your brain. When you wait a very long time addicts can also go through withdrawal.


Question 22: Second-hand smoke is dangerous.

Fact, second hand smoke contains the same amount of nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide as first hand smoke. 


Question 23: Cigars and cigarillos are less harmful than cigarettes.

Myth, cigars and cigarillos contain more tobacco than cigarettes. 


Question 24: Students who game every night and become irritable when asked to leave the game by their parents/guardians may be addicted.

Fact, internet addiction disorder. If game playing is part of your daily life, you are addicted. Game playing also creates social isolation, and mood swings.  Kids that are addicted to game play have diminished imagination, they also stop reading. Multiplayer games can cause bullying, you could be pressured into sharing personal information such as login and passwords for the game.  


Question 25: Resilience means you are able to cope with difficult times in life and continue on a positive path.

Fact, resilience means how well can you bounce back to normal.. What ability do you have to return to normal?


Question 26: Prescription drugs are safer to take in order to get high because they are prescribed by a doctor.

Myth, any medication will be dangerous when not used for it’s intended purposes. 


Question 27: Chewing tobacco is less harmful than cigarettes.

Myth, chewing tobacco is worse for you than cigarettes. The ingredients in chewing tobacco are awful, and they are listed in the link. Chewing tobacco can cause mouth cancer. 

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