digital media assignment

Step one: I put both of my images onto the pixlr editor app.


Step two: I began to crop out the background of the dragon picture, so that I just had an image of the dragon.

steptwo steptwo-2For this step I used the magic wand cropping tool, but it is not exact enough so I then had to go in with the circular cropping tool.

Step three: Once I was finally finished cropping the image I placed it where I wanted it to be, and flipped it horizontally so it was more visible and could be against the sky instead of the trees.


Step four: I found an image of fire to come out of the dragons mouth, and placed it on the app.


Step five: I used the magic wand tool to crop out the background on the fire picture so that there was only the flame. In this step I also placed the fire by the dragons mouth.


Step six: I started to adjust the brightness and contrast of the dragon, because it is much more vivid than the background image. I did this under the adjustment menu at the top of the screen.

stepsix-1 stepsix-2 stepsix-3

Step seven: I then did this to the flame, so that it looked more like the rest of the image.


Step eight: I then exported and saved my image. First I saved it into my google drive so I could access it again, I then saved it onto my computer so that I could put it on my blog.

stepeight-1 stepeight-2

After all of that I was finally done and I had my finished product.



Here is another image that I created using the same app:

Step one: I put the image of my eye onto the app

taya step1

Step two: I placed the image of the tiger that I was going to put in my eye onto the picture.

taya step2

Step three: I then cropped the image of the tiger so that it was the same size as my eye.

taya step3 

Step four: I made a copy of the part of the eye where I would put the tiger, I did this so that I could use the cheese burger method.

taya step4

Step five: I layered the copy of my eye over the image of the tiger.

taya step5

Step six: I reduced the opacity of my eye copy so that you could see the tiger through it, but still be able to see that it was an eye.

taya step6

Step seven: I cropped my image to the size I wanted it to be, then saved it.

taya step7

This was the finished product:

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 11.47.38 AM

I played around with this technique a bit more and also made this image: ( I did this following the same steps as the first eye image.)

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 11.49.19 AM

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  1. I love the way your prezi was laid out! You provided great information and images. It would have been nice to read more about the uses of opium in the streets but other than that great job!

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