an important decision

A couple years ago school became very unenjoyable for me. I was being bullied and really didn’t have any friends at my school. I was faced with the decision of whether to stay at the school I was at and take it or move to a new school and hopefully have a better school experience. Staying at the school I was at would mean dealing with the bullies, and moving schools would mean being around so many unfamiliar faces and things. Both were very scary. I finally got to the point where I couldn’t take the bullying anymore and I realized that the friends I had at school I planned on going to would not treat me the same way that my old ones had.

So my decision had been made, I was going to switch schools. It was definitely the obvious decision, I had more friends at the new school and I also wouldn’t be bullied but it was still a difficult one to make. I was pretty sure at the time that I was making the right decision but now I know for sure, everyone was so supportive and welcoming. Having good people around you during school really changes the whole experience.

I had so many mixed emotions during my decision making process. At times I would think I could stick it out for the rest of school, and at other times I would think I couldn’t handle another day. I was also scared and anxious and even excited when I made my decision, scared of what might go wrong, but excited about how good it could really end up. When making difficult decisions there is always so many emotions that you are feeling but you really just have to think about what is the best for you and what will make your life the best and do that. You also always have to make your own decisions and have faith in yourself, no one should be able to decide how your life goes.. You have that power.


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