flattery: act 2, scene 2

Have you ever been flattered by another person or group of people? What were the circumstances and how did you react? Explain how you think flattery can be a positive influence on a person and how it might be a negative one.

I have been flattered in the past on things such as my clothes, or things I say, or even things I do. Flatters come in all different forms from all different kinds of people and they mean something different to everyone. I have gotten simple flattery such as someone complimenting me on my outfit or hair that day, and I have also gotten more meaningful ones such as someone really complimenting me and talking to me about something that I have done. When someone flatters you in some place like a hallway at school it is less personal and easier to just say thank you and move on, but when it is more one on one the compliment really means more and it makes the person being flattered think more about it.

Flattery can affect people both positively and negatively. When someone is having a rough day and someone flatters them it has a positive effect on them because it makes them think about something good instead of focusing on all of the bad things that may be going on. It is also a positive influence on people that don’t think the best of themselves because when someone else points out something good about them it will make them more confident knowing that there are good things about them. There is also the negative ways that flattery can impact people. It can make some people think to highly of themselves or make them think that they are above everyone else and everybody loves them, but it can also be negative when people don’t accept it or appreciate it at all. Although there are these two polar opposites there is also a happy medium with flattery. You can still be flattered on your good days and not let it get to your head too much, you can be thankful for it and just move on.

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