act 2, scene 1 critical response

Cassius: Brutus, we has’t some issues we needeth to break with.

Brutus: What wouldst those beest dear Cassius?

Cassius: First, the issue of shrewd Mark Antony. I bethink we shouldst receiveth did rid of that gent ‘long with Caesar, I feareth what that gent is capable of.

Brutus: That gent is not to beest feared, liketh I hath said that gent is but a limb of Caesar.

Cassius: Well as I trusteth thy judegment although I may disagreeth we shall doth as thee prithee and leaveth Antony un did harm.

Brutus: Thanketh thee cassius, we needeth to maketh sure we art v’ry did prepare f’r what is going to befall tom’rrow.

Cassius: Aye, I am eft and did prepare f’r the act we art about to commit. I just did want to maketh sure yond thou art eft, and acknown of what is going to befall.

Brutus: I am as well and I has’t faith in the group of men we has’t gath’r’d to holp us.

Cassius: V’ry well, alloweth us returneth to the group.

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