after act 4 critical response

I believe that Cassius has changed since the first half of the play because he has become less shrewd and more noble. He has not been hiding his feelings as much, or being sneaky about everything he is doing. At the beginning of the play Cassius always said things behind people’s backs, but when he felt angry with Brutus in act 4 he just walked right up to him and stated his issue right to Brutus’ face in front of everyone else that was there. Another time we saw that he has changed from the beginning of the play was when him and Brutus had their argument about whether or not to march to Philippi and meet Mark Antony and Octavius, or wait and let them come to them. The Cassius that we knew at the beginning of the play would have wanted to march and meet them as soon as possible, but the Cassius that we know now wanted to stay at the camp and wait. It seems like Cassius has changed a lot and became a better person, but in the beginning of the play he said himself that he gets close to people then stabs them in the back so I don’t think we should entirely believe and trust this new Cassius just yet.

Brutus’ reaction to the news of Portia’s death does surprise me because their love seemed so deep, even if Brutus is a very noble stoic when you are that close to a person and they die I would expect that you would be more affected. I didn’t think he would have been able to keep all of those emotions under control or just pent-up inside of him. We assume that he was writing¬†about his true feelings after, and maybe letting out some more of his anger or frustration about it by himself. As the audience we want to think he is doing these things, but we will never really know. Throughout the whole scene where Cassius and Brutus argue Brutus was already aware that Portia had died. The fact that he didn’t bring it up earlier or seem more bothered throughout the scene also surprised and bothered me. I expected more from Brutus, and Portia deserved more from him.

I think that Antony and Octavius are likely to succeed in their battle with Brutus and Cassius because they seem to have more man power and more confidence. Brutus and Cassius had to flee Rome after the assassination took place, so they likely did not have a lot of time to get all of their resources and soldiers together. Octavius and Antony had much more time to get everything together while still being right in Rome. The confidence that Antony and Octavius seem to have is also making it seem very likely that they will defeat Brutus and Cassius. I do not want Octavius and Antony to be victorious, but it just seems very unlikely that they will lose this battle.

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