Conscience; What is it?

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What is Conscience? Before we even attempt to answer a question that could have multiple answers, we must first look at 1 Peter 3:16. In this bible verse it states that in keeping your conscience clear will make the people that have wronged you will be ‘ashamed in slander’ from god. We may look at the word Conscience and think of a type of detective. Consciousness detects when we have done something wrong and watches the direction of our steps and criticises every conscious transgression you do. Where does your conscience come from? Is it born with you? The truth is that Conscience is something that has to grow. It grows as you do; encountering bullies, meeting new people etc. We learn from our own experiences and other peoples conscience how we should use our own conscientiousness. We also don’t just use our conscience to make choices, we use conscience to be more human, more mortal, more truthful. Conscience is our wisest counsellor and teacher, our most faithful and most patient friend.

What does it mean to be human?

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We as humans have access to several levels or modes of consciousness, and we have freedom of choice. We can decide to make all sorts of complex things happen in the world that can change the way we live. We know the difference between right and wrong. However over the past few centuries, Our choices in mostly unfortunate ways that have produced immense damage to our planet while also giving us tremendous short-term benefits. Another quality of humans is understanding, understanding what we have done is wrong, understanding what we do will effect the future. I think that we will only heal this damage/ wrong choices through an effort to exercise these two aspects of our being human with the greatest degree of understanding and responsibility. Doing this, will help open up new possibilities for living more fully as human beings.

“Millstone for the Sun’s Day” and “The Lottery Ticket”

“Millstone for the Sun’s Day” and “The Lottery Ticket” by Anton Chechkov

The Millstone for the Sun’s Day by Rudy Wiebe and The Lottery Ticket by Anton Chechkov are both short stories that explain how a lottery could change people’s life. Each writer brings in elements of excitement and joy at first but then discover why and how that the lottery they had won follows with some bad consequences.

In the Millstone for the Sun’s day, Joey is the little boy that won the lottery but this lottery wasn’t money it was the chance to go for a ride on a very nice yacht, or so he thought. In the short story The lottery ticket, there was a husband and wife that thought they had won the lottery but instead they got close but didn’t. After they figured out they had lost the lottery they thought to themselves what their life would have been if they have won.

In both short stories that person or people that win the lottery or thought they won are so grateful, but then end up wishing then had never had won. In the Millstone for the Sun’s day, the little boy named Joey won a ride on the yacht, but with doing that he had to pull a lever that dumped a Ms. Grierson, who was his teacher, into the sea with a large piece of iron attracted to her. He really won the chance to kill/ sacrifice a person for a reason unknown. That reason was unknown because in their society, it does not allow for understanding. This whole system of how one wins the lottery, then by winning the lottery must pull the lever that dumps in a person for sacrifice, sounds a lot like the Aztecs back in the day. However in the 21st century this would be very erroneous and be against so many human rights. In The lottery ticket, a husband and his wife (Ivan and Masha) were going through their mind about what life could be if they won, their thoughts were all joy and happiness until greed came into their head. They believed the other would waste the money on other family and on wants not needs. They were being what humans are known to be and that is selfish. Hatred and anger came upon them both as Ivan was quoted saying, “The rooms are never swept . . .  I shall go and hang myself on the first aspen-tree!” Does that sound like someone that just about won the lottery.

My parents always say that, if it’s too good to be true . . . it’s probably not.¨ Both stories see that first hand. The lottery was seen as an obstacle in these peoples life. The tone of the story before the lottery was very steady and the people in these stories were happy with what their lives have become. They couldn’t go on a yacht, or on any nice vacation but what they had was the life they wanted. They changed what they wanted. This quote below explains why in both stories changed their minds of what life should and can be.

“Millstone for the Sun’s Day” and “Milgram’s experiment”

“Millstone for the Sun’s Day” and “Milgram’s experiment”

The Millstone for the Sun’s Day by Rudy Wiebe and a experiment by Stanley Milgram, a psychologist at Yale University called the Milgram’s experiment. Both short story and experiment  explain and show us what people can do if they are not at fault .

Joey in the short story ¨Millstone for the Sun’s day¨ pulled the lever that dumped Ms. Grierson into the water that leads to her death. In the ¨Milgram’s experiment¨ people were being asked questions and if they got them wrong the teacher had to zap/ taze him, and the more the student got wrong the stronger the zapping got. Who’s guilty or at fault? Both Joey and the teacher were told they were not at fault so they insisted on doing it. Joey wasn’t at fault because he was too young to feel fault or shame and it was societies fault why this ¨lottery¨, had really become a tragic tradition. The Teacher in the Milgram’s experiment was actually quite concerned of what we was doing to that student. The last zap that he gave out, you could see the horror of what he is going to have to do to this poor guy and actually refused to zap him, but then he was told he was not to blame or at fault for zapping this guy. Guess what he did after he was told that. He zapped him. People can and will do shocking things if they have no consequence. There are many questions then come into mind. What if we have no jails? Would it be constant war? Would there be any police force? Humans in the past have done some horrible things to other humans, why? We can do some horrible things like shown by the short story and the experiment, if we are not at fault. Fault and blame, the two words that keep peace and security in our society.

The Purge - 3-Movie Collection (DVD + Digital Download)

Movies like The Purge provide us with the view of what society can be if there was no blame or fault for what it certainly wrong. The Purge which is a 12-hour time in which all illegal acts are decriminalised. That usually results in breaking in, stealing, and especially murder. That’s why this is a horror/scary movie. This would be our life, a big scary movie.

Get Philosophical

I watched a TED talk about what we are, and the title was “Who am I”? This TED talk is all about who we are and how our physical parts of us, make us who we are. Hair, skin, shape etc all make us who we are and make us different in many ways. Would we be the same if we looked different in any way? What if we had to get a kidney transplant. Would that kidney be ours?  These questions all relate the the envelope in Sophie’s mailbox, who are you? Since then she has had to ask herself, who am I?

Letter to my 100 year-old self

February 9, 2015

Ty Martin

101 Main street, 66 st

Phoenix, Arizona     Y8n 7i8

Dear, Mr. Ty Martin

I hope you are still living life to the fullest (but not to be mean or anything). Oh yeah I almost forgot this letter is from you but I made it back in the old days! I am wondering what has happened between when I made this letter, to when you are reading it at the age of 100. I realize now that age 100 you might forget some of the moments in your life that you thought you would never forget. You are probably a very accomplished person that has done a lot of travelling, met a lot of celebrities and have still throughout the 100 years, you still have been loyal to god.

I realize that I am retired, and have a bunch of time on my hands to travel with your loved ones. I can only imagine the places I went to. Like Hawaii (all the islands), maybe go on a cruise around the Caribbean with my family, or maybe even going to New York during Christmas (which I heard its like a Christmas wonderland) and the most important travelling vacation I hope I went to is the great state of Washington. I hope I actually build a little cabin in the state of Washington because When I travelled through there in 2014 (I was 14 years old) and all I could see is thousands and thousands of acres of forested land, that is the perfect spot to get away from all the chaos that Edmonton and Calgary has.

Oh boy the people who you have met must have been amazing. I hope that I met so NHL stars like Wayne Gretzky or even “Sid the kid” (Sidney Crosby). We both know that NHL was my favorable sport out of all the sports, but NBA was one of the sports that I knew the most (like player-wise). Micheal Jordan, Demar Derozan, Kyle Lowry, Terrence Ross and Steve Nash are all the players that I would most like to meet. Especially Kyle Lowry because he was my idol when I was about 13 years old (close to when I wrote this letter).

In Psalms 89:28 Verse it states , “My loving kindness I will keep for him forever, And My covenant shall be confirmed to him.” God has been a huge impact on my family especially my parents and grandparents. My family has been catholic all their lives and I believe my Grandma only missed church if she was sick. I hope that I did the same thing (go to church every weekend), but when I am not at church I keep the faith inside me when I’m talking and when I’m walking.

You are probably a very accomplished person that has done a lot of travelling, met a lot of celebrities and have still throughout the 100 years, you still have been loyal to god. This letter shows that you are at the record-breaking age of 100 and you should be proud of yourself for pushing so hard to be at that age and please continues to push to live your life more years. If you haven’t done what I have just stated of what my bucket list is/ what I wanted to do, go out there and do that which probably hard to do but still do try.

By: Ty Martin (Young Ty)



Extra Credit: Expository Essay

“One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.” ― Jack Kerouac, The Dharma Bums. Writing an essay encompasses so much more than just copying and pasting. It involves structure and imagination. Some may choose to be in a galaxy all their own while others need only the luxury of home. Needless of what your comforts are every expository-literary essay can be so much more with the right tools. To construct a satisfactory essay be sure to encompass correct grammar, coherent, well-developed paragraphs and substantial details and examples.

Spelling and grammar are components that greatly enhance a correctly drafted, first-class, paragraph. Austin provided an example of a grammatically incorrect sentence, ‘Dixon didn’t remember that the cameras made a noise, which Navorski hear and decide not to go outside the doors or he could be in more trouble than before.’ This sentence illustrates a passive message simply due to the inclusion of Dixon’s name first. It can be modified to sound more definite and embellish a solid idea by the placement of Navorski name at the start. With minimal effort the broken sentence can be changed into a compound sentence including more than one subject or predicate connected by a conjunction. ‘Navorski hears the cameras and avoids temptation’ is a redevelopment of the previously broken into a compound structure. Installing helpful programs that detect grammatical and spelling errors is a key feature that can help make an essay great. If Connors sentence ‘Viktor waits at least 1 year to get it to, but he achieves his goal’ would have been put through a spell check program the error of creating a sentence which is connected by a conjunction, that is not a compound sentence would have been detected. This can make an essay easier to understand since there are no errors present to confuse the reader. This example that can be easily revised to sound exceptional, ‘Victor waits at least one year to fulfill his goal, which is to leave the airport and get the last signature of the jazz musician.’ The sentence not only shows the writer has a favorable understanding of the English language but also demonstrates the implementation of grammatical programs. Dictionaries and thesaurus’ will not only enhance your assay but will demonstrate your ability to use a higher vocabulary. ‘When a character was faced with waiting in the airport some handled it good, while others didn’t’. The sentence above created by Austin, could be strengthened by changing the dull words with ones that are acceptable for a grade nine level. This sentence could be further elevated by using more crafty vocabulary. ‘When a character was confronted with a challenge of waiting in the airport, most handled it in a satisfactory way, while others didn’t cope with the challenge’. Altering your words will make them more complex in your essay which intensify your usage of better words in the future. If you want to exceed your previous self or class expectations of literary writing be sure to utilize the tools given to you such as thesauruses and dictionaries.

By having a well formulated paragraph you create a coherent flow yielding an outstanding provision. To grasp every detail, it should not skip from one topic or idea to the next. Navorski had to go to customs but instead went and shaved. This is a poor sentence to use in a paragraph, it skipped from mentioning customs to stating that he was shaving. Although flow is a crucial criteria when producing structured sentences, to refrain from the use of the same word can be just as much. Taking the same word for continuous use is not a valuable habit to develop in any writing piece. When choosing your words use a variety to complete each sentence so selecting the same is not a high possibility. The formation of circle sentences like, because a Bulgarian man from Krakozhia named Victor Navorski was left to wait at NYC airport/ John F. Kennedy airport because he couldn’t enter the USA or go home because his country is in a military coup.  will be non-existent with definite understanding of your topic. Organizing these points is a habit that should be developed. A prolific conversion between your themes is a crucial maneuver. The ability to keep organized helps all your techniques advance in quality. Have a good opening and closing statement to receive organization. Quality will also advance if you specify not only the details in an essay, but in examples too. Specifying and having precise, distinct details will efficiently present your illustrations. As we saw in the Terminal nobody at the JFK airport could wait for anything. Who is the nobody and what is the anything, you always need an explanation. In order to make an efficient essay, formulated paragraphs, along with sentences, and flow throughout the piece is vital.

The formation of an acceptable literary expository essay starts with the inclusion of strong detailed sentences and appropriate examples.  Any well fabricated manuscript uses references to archetypes as an enhancer for detail. In Kale’s Terminal essay he uses the phrase ‘Frank was trying to get rid of Viktor out of the terminal for quite a while, 9 months to be exact. But Navorski wouldn’t take the bait. (Fisherman Joke Relates to the story line of Dixon)’.  Here the author just states that the ‘fisherman joke’ relates to the story of Dixon. We have no concept of what the joke he is referring to is about and are provided with no background knowledge to contemplate how it is supposed to tie in. To improve the construction of this argument we can use hyperlinks to give background knowledge and be explicit in the course of how to correlate an explanation of the archetype with the topic. An example of a correctly used archetype can be found in Shae’s story. ‘Frank becomes so impatient to get this position that he is wishing for the death of his superior. The story of Faust tells about a man who makes a deal with the devil where he sells his soul in exchange for a life of pleasure and riches. This represents Frank’s life. He lusts for the power and wealth that comes with a bigger job but can’t wait for his time to come so sells his ‘soul’ and in essence becomes the devil himself, running hell. Hell is a place for the wicked, for murderers and terrorists.’ By connecting the ideas to Dixon character well providing the needed bit of history you heighten the detail and the archetype. Be sure to choose a fight that you believe in. Connors uses the following concept in his manuscript, ‘He tells the officer who takes him into the office.’ This particular sentence has very little description that can be related relevantly to the topic. A better option would be to stray into his reason for being in this situation. Such as ‘During his delay in the airport Viktor carries around a can of peanuts. He is taken to Thermin’s office to discuss the reasoning behind this.’  By mentioning the can of peanuts you open up the opportunity to weave in reputable ideas. For the greatest impact and to ensure the reader’s continued interest do not stray in implemented details. Be sure to be specific. This sentence drafted in Chelsey’s essay include an idea that leads the reader away from the point that you were trying to convey; ‘But in this movie Frank Dixon is the bad guy because he tries to make Viktor leave the airport so he didn’t have to deal with him and wait till he left to get his job part he wants to get from his boss’. By adding the extra ideas about Dixon’s job you draw attention away from the main point you were trying to make. Using a basic sentence to convey the point and a complex sentence to enhance the meaning would create a more effective essay. ‘Frank Dixon’s character is like that of the devil. One point in the movie shows Dixon lying to Viktor about the security to convince him to depart’. This sentence from Sierra’s essay does a tremendous job of capturing what needs to be said in the first thought. This allows the reader to easily follow the connection being made between the concepts. ‘Patience is important in how Viktor coped with all the waiting he had to in the airport and terminal’

Writing an essay needs ‘outside the box thinking’. In order to produce a satisfying provision include proper spelling and grammar, substantial details, and coherency. Be sure to use these variety of tools at your writing disposal to ensure …. spelling and …….. grammar. A major component to any thesis is examples and robust sentences with well-developed details to help boost the meaning of the article. Any piece must have the proper coherency to help advance and refine paragraphs to go along with your illustration.

Letter to Mrs. Jones

6106 66ave, Vermilion AB


Tuesday, 16 December, 2014

Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones

Thank you

Beauty Saloon

#53 washington street, Chicago USA


Dear, Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones

Thank You

Hi Mrs. Jones, this is Roger (the guy you half-nelsoned when I attempted to steal your pocketbook). I want to thank you for what you showed me. You really turned my life around and I want to thank you. Before you appeared in my life I was a total wreck and couldn’t control my life because I was in trouble with the cops and thought my only path in life was to steal but when you told me that you where exactly like me (in trouble and on the streets) it showed me that a new path can appear if I stay out of trouble.

I am now a professor at Vermilion Alberta school of St.Jeromes. I teach biology to grade 10-12, I get good money too. After I met you I decided to work at Tim Horton’s (which would get me some money to go to school). Then after a year of school I went to high school grade 11 and grade 12, graduated and went to community college at Minnesota. 5 years later I applied at a job in Vermilion Alberta and got the job . I have a wife, her name is Susan, 2 kids, John and Abby. We live in the country with 50 acres of farmland. We also have 20 head of cattle which is my favourite hobby.

We should hang out sometime in the near future, it’s going to be hard but I know some day it will happen. You Have been a role model in my life and I know that one day I want to help some one like you helped me.

Sincerely yours,


Thank you.

Thank You Ma’am Respond Questions

1. In the story there were multiple humorous details, like the narrator called Mrs. Jones big and fat throughout the book. The type of language that the main characters used in the book was more old fashion/funny. Even the idea of how Jones didn’t Frick out when the boy stole her pocketbook but she instead took him into her arms and tried and sort of succeeded to teach the boy right from wrong.

2. This story was serious based but had a humorous type of talking about the seriousness of this book. In this book it shows that this is very serious, for example when she asked if he has anybody at home to tell you to wash your face? He replied with “No ma’am”, so in real life he has nobody at home and we don’t even know if he had a home to go to at night!

3. Yes I think that meeting that Mrs. Jones was a huge turning point in Rogers life, like within seconds he was trying to be good and Mrs.Jones was being a role model to Roger. He now knows that he can change his life after Jones told him she was actually in many ways like him (in trouble and has no family).

4. The kindest thing a stranger has done for me is when I stayed with my Grandma and she had volunteered at the Islay museum which was pretty awesome because I had to help. I helped for a while then a lady came in with a sweet gadget and showed me how to do work it and I still have it today.