Conscience; What is it?

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What is Conscience? Before we even attempt to answer a question that could have multiple answers, we must first look at 1 Peter 3:16. In this bible verse it states that in keeping your conscience clear will make the people that have wronged you will be ‘ashamed in slander’ from god. We may look at the word Conscience and think of a type of detective. Consciousness detects when we have done something wrong and watches the direction of our steps and criticises every conscious transgression you do. Where does your conscience come from? Is it born with you? The truth is that Conscience is something that has to grow. It grows as you do; encountering bullies, meeting new people etc. We learn from our own experiences and other peoples conscience how we should use our own conscientiousness. We also don’t just use our conscience to make choices, we use conscience to be more human, more mortal, more truthful. Conscience is our wisest counsellor and teacher, our most faithful and most patient friend.

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