Happy Camper

What are the typical problems facing teens today?

Teens are having trouble staying motivated and learning/doing simple actions. This is pretty pathetic, but most teens don’t care about the future and are currently living off their moms. There is a show that I watch and this is a show from England “Young Dumb, and Living Off Mom”. That is what the show is called and you should watch the show if you like drama, dumb people (they are usually 18-21), and watch out they do swear almost every minute.

What is wrong with saying, “What’s wrong with teens today?”

Don’t say “What’s wrong with teens these days” saying that can easily get a teenager’s self-esteem down. Just by saying that kids (Teens) will get mad at you, and rightfully so you are dissing their generation. Also, that is saying that they are dumb and so are their peers. I know if anyone was to say that I was dumb I would get pretty heated and deny any allegations of doing any stupid actions even if I did do what I was accused of.

How are you better and brighter than your parent’s generation?

A researched name Dr.Peter found out that we, in fact, are all smarter than our parents’

generations. Also, this has shown that we have a higher IQ than them too. We also know more about the current technology, although our parents know more about the past and history probably because history stays the same and history is pretty boring. Though they might be good at helping with homework if anyone ever gets any of homework.

When did women get to vote in Canada? U.S.A.?

1916 in the four western provinces, in 1917 in Ontario, in 1918 in Nova Scotia, in 1919 in New Brunswick, in 1922 in Prince Edward Island, and in 1940 in Quebec, women got the right to vote in Canada. This is pretty sad because the men got to decide all of the country’s decisions. The women in the USA got the right to vote in 1920. So they also had to wait a while to vote.

Have you ever “Left your campsite better than you found it”?   

Yes, we do that all the time when we go camping, and we always have to no matter what happens or how much there is.

How many times could you listen to “You Light Up My Life” by Debby Boon?

Probably none, I don’t like music I hate when music throws me off. I can’t do any work when I’m listening. Although I have never heard the actual music I am just thinking that this song is going to be like all of the other ones.

Do you know an adult that believes in you more than you believe in yourself?

Yes, my mom. She always thinks I’m going to be the best kid out of the three of us and this is always really annoying. She keeps going on about how I’m going to get a big house, live in the city, and more about my future. Although I hate big houses and I hate the city.

Do you know someone you believe in more than they believe in themselves?

Yes, my cat Bits. She can never catch any of the toys we throw. Jubilee gets all of them and plays without Bits and then she gets jealous and starts to whine.

What is a “Happy Camper”? How can you spot them?

A happy camper is a person who goes “YEAH” in a really funky voice when you ask them how they are doing. Not the people who are like “Meh.” or “No”, you can tell right when you meet them if they are or not.

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