Gaining Yardage

After reading the whole poem, I’d say that they are friends. Arlo and the speaker are acting like friends so I would say that they are. It also doesn’t hurt that they talk all the time and live right next to each other. Although, I have seen many movies that in them they can hurt their friendships because they want to “fit in” and stuff like that. So with that, this friendship might not last too long although they should still be considered friends. Some people are friends and then some other people can break them up just as fast, it could be because a number of reasons but that hasn’t stopped anyone before. If they can get through something like that they can easily go through anything that is thrown at them. Whether it is someone with really high staus or just some jealous preppy kid.

What makes someone a good friend is different for everyone, but the few basic points would be honesty, perseverance despite peer pressure, and respect. Those are what every friendship should have even just a little and there is one more point that you should include. Fun. Everyone should be having fun, not just one person. They can also help you up when you get down or if and when you are having a troublesome time. Friends can help you with a number of times you just need to find the right people it might be hard but if you can find at least one you will be fine no matter what happens.

The ideas that it portrays are things like spending time together, helping each other out and reaching a common goal. I’m sure that if you could think of it from a psychologists’ perspective then you could easily find out way more but I really hate looking at it like that I am not good at peoples’ emotions. Although as I said before those are the basic three ideas that the author wanted to portray. I agree with these ideas they are good ideas in general and I think that lots of people should strive for this even though it might be a little difficult for some people it is really good. If I didn’t agree then I would probably be a bad person. Like I said before, if they can get past the people who hate this they will be able to get over anything and these ideas will help them even more.

The odd thing in the last few lines of this poem is weird because they talk about him moving again. Again is the keyword that means that he does it quite frequently. This teen has had a rough life so far, moving around 24/7, it can be hard to go through. Your friends only last until you lave and you might not see them again after that. The different schools can be really hard to go to especially when if people skills are being tested. When I say tested I mean that he is losing friends and has to create them just as fast with all of the moving. I can tell that his life is/was quite hard to go through.

I think that the jargon used in the poem was lateral, bobble, and yardage.

Lateral means “throw (a football) in a sideways or backward direction” (credit to google for the definitions). You can see it in the poem here “then bobbles the ball across the goal line, and our coach, who told even the guys with good hands never to mess around with laterals,”

Bobble means to mishandle the ball like it is tumbling out of control. The context you can see it in is, “then bobbles the ball across the goal line,”.

Yardage means a distance or length measured in yards. The context it is in is the title.

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