As in the Beginning

Being whole means that inside you, mentally you feel whole. You need a soul to do this. It doesn’t matter if on the outside you are in pieces it just matters on what is on the inside. Just like how if you are a good person and on the outside, you look terrible or mediocre but on the inside you are amazing. The soul is who you really are it is not your body. If that was the case, you could easily tell what someone was like by just looking at them. Although that is considered judging and people do like that in this world.

Normally, people have two hands, it is very unlikely that they are born without them. So, when they say, man, they are talking about all of the men in society. These nine lines are talking about the men in the society that are working in labor jobs, not accounting or any paperwork job. The speaker is talking about how if an accident happens in a place of work that you only get around $250 for a finger and $100 for a knuckle. Even though you are probably going to be missing that finger/knuckle for the rest of your life. Although after all of that look back on society, they go to their own lives and not just how our society works. The speaker then talks about how much her father was working and that he gets hurt quite a bit on the job. She goes on about how she wants her father’s hands back to the way they were before they got hurt. It goes from logical to angry/sad.

She is overstating the part about how his hands are not the way that they were before. He probably just lost a couple fingers and went through some pain. I know that it will be harder for him to get used to this new change but this was not fully anyone’s fault but his own. You are in charge of your own body and I’m pretty sure that companies don’t chop off their employee’s fingers for fun. She wants her dad to get some more $$ because of his misfortune. She overstated the emotions to try and make it sound worse than it already is.

I think that the most powerful phrase in the poem was “give my father’s hands as they were in the beginning,”.  The words following convey them, they would be “whole, open, warm and without fear”. Also the poem might be named after this. The significance of the tittle is that the speaker wants to and wishes that her/his dad’s hands would go back to normal even though the damage has already been done.

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