1. You don’t own me by Leslie Gore shows some directly implied gender problems in relation to men thinking that they “own” women. These next few lines show how some women may have felt in the 1950s-60s and most definitely prior to then:

    You don’t own me
    I’m not just one of your many toys
    You don’t own me
    Don’t say I can’t go with other boys

    And don’t tell me what to do
    Don’t tell me what to say
    And please, when I go out with you
    Don’t put me on display ‘

    Leslie was consciously writing this possibly because of an experience she had with a man who thought and acted in the way she sings in her song. From what I have seen in movies and heard about through other sources was that many men used women as their toys for their own pleasures and pride. They also felt superior to women in relationships and could say and do whatever they liked in private or out in public. The fourth line in the first set above also demonstrates that men thought they had the final say in the termination or continuation of a relationship. These are just a few lines from the song, but they signify a serous problem and message for men who think they are superior in relation to women. Not all men talk and act in this way but for those that did, and still do, it demonstrates a lack of true love and human dignity that all women deserve. If the gender roles were switched the message would still be the same, just in different tone.

  2. Let me go lover by Teresa Brower is another directly implied song that displays the problems some men can have when being in a relationship with a women. This song is similar to that of the song described above; it deals with men who believe that it is their say in the ending of a relationship because they don’t want to feel humiliation and hurt.                                       You don’t want me
    But you want me
    To go on wanting you
    Now I pray that
    You will say that
    We’re  through                                                                                                                                          Teresa could be signifying a moment in her life when she wanted to end a relationship but her “partner” wouldn’t allow it unless he ended it and got credit for doing so. This is an example of pride; a man wanting to see himself above those closest to him and try to make himself out to be what he is not. If the gender role was switched I don’t think it would make too big of a difference. It would only show that women think they are superior in relationships.
  3. Everyday of my life by the McGuire Sisters has parts in it that show how women may have felt, in the 50s and 60s, in regards to pleasing the boys they liked.
    Every day of my life I’ll be in love with you
    Every day of my life I promise I’ll be true
    I’ll never make you cry, and as the years go by
    I’ll always try to do what pleases you

    The line that I thought had some significance was: I’ll always try to do what pleases you. Although it can be taken in a self-giving tone, I can see how girls may have wanted to please their boyfriends by doing whatever pleases them, even in wrong ways. This brings a stereotype of men always not being satisfied with their present life and how she thinks she can solve it all.

  4. Put your head on my shoulder by Paul Anka shows how some men, though not directly implied, want women for what they can gain. Consider the line: Whisper in my ear, baby Words that I want to hear. This is true for many relationships today, but Anka shows how men in that time period wanted women to tell them things that they wanted to hear. This places a selfish outlook on men, by his words, and that men want from women that which will satisfy their inner most desires. If the gender roles were switched in this stereotype the message would be just the same.
    Put your head on my shoulder
    Whisper in my ear, baby
    Words I want to hear
    Tell me, tell me that you love me too (tell me that you love me too)
  5. All I have to do is dream by the Every Brothers. From first reading the title of this song it was clear that the message was if you want a girl you can get her. If you take this into context with the superiority of men however the message looks pretty bad. Consider the following line: Whenever I want you all I have to do is dream, I can make you mine. This again shows how men feel that they can get women if they only dream about it, like owning something. If the gender roles were switched it would be a little funny because that thing usually doesn’t occur in the opposite manner, but for some women it could be true in their own mindset.
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A. About Me

Dreams about the future(Goals) – To enter through the narrow gate when I pass

from this life, stay active,

Values – Faith, family, respect,

Interests and Hobbies – wakesurfing, being at the lake, working out, playing

hockey, prayer, food

Personal Qualities – Active, responsible, trustworthy, committed

Transferable Skills – Enthusiastic

Career Focus – 1. Catholic Priest, 2. something in the Catholic church, 3. A job

that helps the less fortunate or those in need
B. Collage





C. Reflecting Questions

What do you like about your collage?

I like how it shows who I am and who I aspire to be, as well as who I model and love. It shows my interests and values. I like the site I used to create my collage and how easy and artistic I was able to create it. It was pretty easy to get the pictures I wanted onto the site and implant them into my collage. It shows some things that I like to do. I like how I was able to pick and choose the things that I enjoy and love.

What do you not like about your collage?

I don’t really like the fact that there wasn’t a whole lot of cool choices (that you don’t have to pay for) for the backgrounds that bring the pictures all together.

What sections do you want feedback on?

I would like to know how well my background fit with the pictures I displayed in my collage. Did the transparency effect on the canva site work good for my collage? What would make my collage look more presentable?

What values are represented in your collage?

The main aspect that brings all of the values in my collage together is that of living a morally good life. Love, faith, family, respect, and commitment are all values displayed in my presentation.

What bias is represented in your collage?

My collage is in favour of the things that make me who I am and what I do. It is also bias of my religious beliefs and the personal values that I find important.






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The four paradoxes that are discussed in the video relate to who we are and who we aren’t. Are we really ourselves, if we keep changing? What about the values and memories that stay important to us throughout our lives? The four paradoxes are: the ship of Theseus, Sorites paradox, Grelling Nelson paradox and the tele-transportation paradox. Each contemplates the thought of whether we are the same person throughout different time periods of our life, such as am I the same person after waking up from sleeping, and am I the same person two minutes from now. Sorites paradox contradicts the idea of a heap of sand. If one grain is removed, is it still a heap of sand? What about ninety-nine percent of the sand?

In the beginning, Sophie seemed to be living her previously normal life. Her friend asked her very soon after if she wanted to play sports after all, but that was just after her contemplation of the meaning of life. The paradox of Theseus’ ship is demonstrated most clearly in the description of the magic trick in the letter. If the trick is true and the Magician creates the rabbit out of nothing, then the rabbit doesn’t belong to himself, but rather the magician. If God created us out of Himself, then we aren’t ourselves in a way. We are God’s, everything we have and know is all ultimately God’s. Even though He created us out of nothing, that nothing came from Him. Out of himself in away. We as humans with many cells and atoms are constantly changing. Our personality changes, our intellect changes. The only thing we can be is the Magician’s wonder. Now that being said we do have a lot of things that make us who we are in the present moment, like the amount of respect we have for something or someone and the virtues/values that we live by. In all respect we don’t stay who we are right now forever.

There have been people, particularly the saints, who have reached a higher level than most people in the highest love and have kept their relationship with God. However that is due to grace from above. Sophie is just discovering these thought for herself and is taking them very seriously. You could say that all of that is just coincidence, especially that she thought about the meaning of life right before more questions came her way, but there are no coincidences in life. There is meaning in most of all things if you look for the deeper message. The bible can be summed up into one key aspect of searching for something. Think about genesis. Man wasn’t searching for the transcendent, but instead the Transcendent came looking for man. This thought should be considered when looking at Sophie’s changing state of mind. She seems to have had her questions seeking her after just a little, monumental thought occurs in her mindset.

If you were to take away one of Sophie’s body parts, is she still Sophie? This thought is a pressing one in yet again Sorites paradox. At what point is she not considered herself, when losing one or many members of her body? In the first chapter of the book, Sophie is struggling to understand how God can exist all by himself without being created. Apply this thought to Theseus’ ship. Is God still God five minutes from now? However, if God is eternal, then He never changes. So God, philosophically, is God and belongs to Himself.

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We’re suffering because of the pride and arrogance he took in his own selfish interest.

It was August, and my buddy Frank and I had just started our guided tour across the arctic circle. Our tour guide, Uki, had traveled all over this wintery area. He knows the land, its wildlife and the weather conditions. Uki was kind enough to give us a discount off the usual price for this two week travel. The whole tour would include wildlife survival, such as ice fishing, and opening yourself up to God through peaceful meditation and prayer. Our guide was very good-natured when we met him and would be up until the end. Little did I know that Frank would not consider the good qualities that he had.

The beginning ride was amazing travelling at a steady speed while the arctic wind brushed across my face. The spoor of the arctic huskies were scattered across the ground behind us. “A little cold, don’t you think,” Frank complained as we were coming to a stop. I knew he wasn’t as enthusiastic about this trip because he knew we wouldn’t be sleeping in our comfortable homes back in Alberta. “We’re creatures of comfort,” I thought to myself. There are people in the world today suffering in way worse conditions who are forced to undergo hardship and pain. I wish he would consider that thought.

I met Frank at a cancer facility back in Edmonton, Alberta. He was in stage three lung cancer and I had just beaten my melanoma. I always considered the cancer a blessing. It allowed me to take into consideration how precious life is. I prayed everyday asking God to give me the strength to fight the teeming disease, and I offered up my pain uniting it with the cross of Jesus. When I had just received my good news one day I noticed Frank in tears sitting in the corner of a waiting room. Knowing Frank now you would never have expected him to ever have such feelings of sadness and that of being alone. I wasn’t going to show pride after I escaped my mental pain. I decided it would be best to go and cheer up the poor fellow and tell him about my experience. After we got talking for a while I mentioned God and how  present he was in my battle. “ I don’t believe in God. Never have, never will,” Frank said almost abruptly. I changed the subject and from that moment on I knew I had a role to play in this man’s life.
We started hanging out and talking after that. I was the one who usually offered to visit. After being with him for a while he started noticing how God played a huge role in my life. He was discerning whether to become Christian, but still wanting to please his own desires. He always had to have things go his way during the time we spent together, but I didn’t care at the time.

Uki had just started the fire for the night and had put a drill in the ice so we could fish. You could tell by the look on Frank’s face that he was getting impatient and annoyed by how long it would take to catch our meal. Uki gave me the rod and was teaching me how to ice fish. The tour guide told me he was going out to use the bathroom just half a kilometer away over the hilltop. I had caught a fish and reeled it in placing the creature in a bucket of cold water. As I stared at the dull coloured fish I thought about how far Frank was from the spiritual connection he needed in life with the creator. The little animal looked like Frank in the sense that he didn’t want to be where he was.

I heard a loud cry coming in the direction of Uki. Frank insisted that we stay here and not run into the possible danger, but I knew that Uki needed our help. I ran over the top of the hill, trudging through the snow, and saw a wolf chewing on the leg of our severely wounded tour guide. Blood surrounded the ice around him. I yelled and swung my arms back and forth as I moved towards the hungry predator. To my surprise the animal scurried away towards the open polar region. The wounds were gruesome and the pain in his face was dreadful. I asked Frank to come help me and he ran as fast as he could. We carried him over to the fire and started treating him with the limited first aid supplies we had. Then we began to pray.

He was treated, but had passed out due to the sight of blood in front of him. I didn’t know what to do at that point. It had been half a day since he was attacked and he was barely able to talk because of the deep wound in his neck. “We should end his suffering,” Frank said breaking the silence. Shocked by what he said I cautiously explained to him how ending his suffering by killing him is a mortal sin, that of being murder. “Killing him would be no different than killing a person with cancer. They both have a chance of living.” He didn’t agree, and he told me that we should just leave him here if that’s how I felt. He was waiting for an answer from me as to whether I would agree to his lukewarm decision. This was not right. I could feel the natural law inside me insisting that I do what is morally right. What is mercy? Mercy is the highest form of love, as quoted by John Paul II. Does mercy refer to the destruction of a man’s body so that his soul may go where is earthly actions took him. Or, is mercy a second chance for the purpose of love. That an individual may achieve what he needs to obtain love. I pondered this thought before I directly answered Frank with a strict “no. Uki will survive this and we will start our travel back in a few days once he regains more strength.” Frank turned around and never said another word for the rest of the night.

The next morning I slowly opened my eyes and could see a lark not so far in the distance. After yawning I pulled myself up into a crouch position and noticed that the sleigh, the huskies and Frank were nowhere in site. Before I witnessed this tragedy I knew two things. One, that my friend had suffered from some kind of paranoia, and two, that he did not live by a morally good code. I didn’t want to believe it before, but now the answer was clear.
A bottle of poison was sitting where the sleigh used to be. Out in the open. I was never going to resort to that, after all taking the easy way out was just a sign of pride. If the bottle of poison wasn’t there I would have thought that Frank was going to get help and do something out of generosity for our tour guide. That wasn’t the case. He took so much pride in his own comfort that his soul is likely crying because of the misery it will soon face if he doesn’t change his ways. He won’t change his perception on the way things need to be. I thought he was becoming the person he was destined to be, but after this mutiny I don’t know if he’ll ever fulfill that fate.

Why do bad things happen to good people? I sat watching Uki and contemplated that thought. He had done nothing, and I had done nothing. Frank took one look at our injured leader and judge him based on the appearance. Uki whispered something that I could barely here. “Love is not even loved anymore,” he exclaimed. He was right! Love died for us on the cross and Frank had to go and cross that cross. However, justice is in God’s hands and that is all the comfort I desired at the moment.
There was not enough food and supplies that would sustain us for a week. A can of rosemary ham was left along with the scraps from our previous meals and a fishing rod. I didn’t know how to fillet a fish. This week was going to be a long one, but I told my tour guide that I would suffer with him. I rationed the food out so that we would have half a can a day. I hope that by the end of the week I will have learnt how to fish.

It had been three days and the temptations were growing. I wanted to eat two cans a day, and on the fourth day I lost my will to fight. Opening the can like a savage I tore into the food eating as much as I could. I saved the scraps for my injured companion and then felt the feeling of shame. “He can’t even move and I’m pursuing my own desires. This is unjust and unfair.” I decided for the next day I would only eat fish if I mastered the art of catching sea creatures.
The hole in the ice was still there. I took the rod and casted the line down into the dark, dreary pit. After waiting for an hour I lost my patience and declared that I would lay the rod down behind a rock and take a quick nap. Just before I was about to doze off I heard the ferocious howl of a wolf. I bumped the fishing pole and the rod sunk to the bottom of the pit. My hope began to turn into despair. My perception on life was slowly disintegrating away. Gazing at the bottle of poison I thought about ending it all. I crawled my way over to the bottle and viciously snatched the flask, opening it with a firm twist. I had misjudged my true qualities I thought that I carried. I fixed my eyes on my suffering servant. You never saw him complain or give up. He was always in such good spirits. Uki seemed to trust completely in me and on my role in helping him get back on his feet. After tightening the cap on the bottle I walked over to the hole in the ice and let the bottle slip right out of my hands into the black depths.

We’re suffering because of the pride and arrogance he took in his own self interest. It had been a week since the abandonment. There was no more food and the hunger became too much to bare. The weakness I felt was increasing by the hour. I decided, though exhausted, I would travel back the way we came and find some help. It was the last sign of hope. The flesh is weak, but the spirit is willing. I pulled myself up and began to trek through the frozen ice crystals. Step by step my physical strength was diminishing. I am the cure for his condition. If I give up on him, he is denied his right to life. His life relies on the discipline and strength I put before myself.

Two days had passed and the starvation was decreasing my ability to move at a steady pace. I wasn’t going to give up. A huge blizzard was blowing in the opposite direction, screaming like that of someone in excruciating pain.With a glance upwards my face became instantly numb. I felt as stiff as my injured companion looked. I fell to my knees and began to pray for the strength and fortitude to persevere. At that very moment I recalled the passage from Corinthians in the new testament. “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy or boast. It rejoices with the truth. It hopes all things, believes all things, and endures all things.” I took those last three words and used them as energy for my soul. All day I plowed through the snow. By the end I could not move an longer. Every step caused a burning pain to my legs. Why must there be pain, if I don’t embrace pride? This question contains only one answer. Love! We suffer for others because of the suffering the most perfect human being did for us. He was innocent, Uki was innocent. Suffering develops character by displaying our weaknesses so we can be strengthened.

I woke up after a quick nap and I got to my knees. Suddenly, a wolf came out of the pitch black surroundings. It stared at me directly in the eyes. The look of crave in the killers face frightened me. Giving the animal no sense of fear I stood up all alone and stared back at the him. The animal wandered off, slowly but confident. Soon after falling to my stomach I noticed a dim light in the distance. It got brighter by the second. Hope was not lost. This is the sign of hope.

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The technology we use has become essential for our everyday life. For George Hadley’s children in the story The Veldt being disconnected from the technology around them was almost impossible. It has created negative effects to the environment that surrounds us. This machinery has allowed us to further communicate ideas all over the globe and has caused more developed countries to become increasingly evolved. Needless of what our comforts are the technology we use can disconnect us from the true good aspects of life. Technology has both pros and cons to the environment, the development and destruction of communities, and can have an impact on wildlife.

The survival of the fittest is the code for most of society today. Todays people are so focused on who has the best electronics and automobiles that they’ll do whatever it takes to obtain such objects, even if it costs the environment. Pollution and global warming are major concerns to the environment around us. These harmful effects occur so that we might satisfy our own, and the communities, desire for self-interest. However, not all of the technology used in society is for selfish purposes. Certain car companies, such as ford, have been developing hybrid vehicles that permit less carbon dioxide into the environment by creating electric vehicles. The technology we use has been very beneficial in helping us solve problems and make our day-to-day lifestyle so much easier. Think about trying to visit family who live miles away. Thanks to the technology we are able to travel more efficiently.

In developed countries like Canada and the U.S. communities, particularly cities, have evolved due to the widespread use of technology. Ponder on the thought of hospitals. If technology wasn’t there to help cure or treat those in need, more deaths, severe injuries and devastation would affect society tremendously. Technology has been used to save lives and help those in need. There are many donation sites online that accept money to help those in poverty both in developed and third world countries. If we have so much technology, then why don’t we share with the countries who lack the technological resources they need to achieve prosperity? This is an issue that is being taken into thought and action by some and ignored by others. Part of the reason is due to the fact that most people in these countries take up jobs that deal with the community or area around them.

Technologies have allowed us to get closer to nature and the environment while protecting us from the dangers of wildlife. Veterinarians have been able top treat those animals who are sick, injured, or contain a disease. Although we have been able to improve the surroundings of the environment people have also taken advantage of nature for their own well-being. Habitats have been destroyed so that we may obtain houses and paper and other materials for our day-to-day life. Animals have been taken away from their homes and families for entertainment and profit. Zoos and circus’s are examples of how some animals are taken to give us humans a form of pleasure by observing them from a fake habitat.

The technology that is essential for us can cause harm to others and the environment. It is through technology that we are able to communicate ideas all over the world, but some circumstances have led to destruction and poverty because of it.




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They’ve lost everything.

We who fret about anything.

Watching people lose memories reminds us,

how insignificant our worries are.


The wall of fire is roaring towards them

bringing destruction like the breathe of a dragon.

Evacuees escaping the terror of the flames,

while watching the devastation of their fallen community.


Citizens shoulder the multiple burdens,

as they’re forced to flee the familiarness of their homes.

Terror and trauma of whole lifetimes being swallowed in an instant

by the terrible wind shifting walls of wildfire.


Cars, trailers and homes demolished

by the fire spreading with intense rage.

Families stranded with tears and fears

at what has been so swiftly ripped away from their lives.


Thousands of residents won’t return to their homes.

And families still separated in the chaos of evacuation.

Parents comforting their children in desperation,

as they flee the Fort McMurray wildfire.












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There are many hockey rinks with a variety of boards here in Alberta. From big city stadiums to small town arenas each board gets action in many positive ways. I however, have a different story to tell.

I have been used for many favourable purposes. Teams have flipped the puck off of me in order to get around their opponent. The puck has been rung around my bottom end as a way to pass it to their fellow teammates. It doesn’t always work. An interception usually takes place when the opposition gets in the way. People tend to get hit harder in the open ice, so they often stick close to me for protection because I decrease the pain.

Mistakes are common. The accuracy of the pass doesn’t always work and the puck bounces off me into the hands of their adversary’s. When individuals miss the net they have left bruises and scratches on my body spoiling all of my beauty with which I was created with. I have grown accustomed to the forceful attacks, collisions and hits that occur regularly. The more hits I take the stronger I feel, but the nasty names become too much. Discrimination has played a role since the early ages of the European takeover in Canada. This was one of Canada’s biggest mistakes.

The history here is not very pleasant. It was on this ground that the Europeans came and took the land of many natives. I was just a young fence when the English and French fur traders took open warfare over the rivalries of the fur they traded with the First Natives. Sometimes there would be tricky, selfish men who came and either killed or stole furs from the natives. At one point in history the Europeans had kicked Cree tribe of Frog Lake off their land. From my point of view the white men were very civilized, but they lacked seeing the equality among all people. They would use terms that were very offensive towards the Natives. “Indians”, they would say in a very ignorant and selfish way. The Frog Lake massacre was an event that occurred as a result of this unfair treatment. After being kicked off their land for some time and forced to sign an unfair treaty the Cree tribe of Frog Lake was angered and rose in rebellion against the local whites. They had won, but the Canadian government took notice of the growing unrest in Western Canada and put down the rebellion, hanging some of the Cree resistance. This was the home of the indigenous peoples of Frog Lake and the government took it away from them. I notice a lot of blood. If the Europeans were so Christian, then why didn’t they love and accept their brothers and sisters with love?

Since then aboriginals have been discriminated against so unjustly and when their kids are involved in the game the level of common courtesy tends to decrease substantially. When kids seem to fall or mess up taunting plays a crucial factor. I have doors that people use to get on and off the ice. My doors to the isolation box used to rarely open. As the years went on the number of people going in their began to pile up because they break law of the game. Some individuals look as if they want to literally kill the other person.

Why are people being so despicable when it comes to “playing for the love of the game?” You could say that it’s all apart of the game. My own interpretation is that those players have an inner hate burning inside them. They think it’s all right because the other person did it, and so should I. Retaliation is most often found along my old body. Whether it’s with sticks, punches or checks, the players have a rage implanted in their hearts and minds that desire blood and revenge for the other team.

I have been here many years and have witnessed many wonders and controversy. I was the beginning,  and when the time comes for this old, misshapen arena to go away I will be the end. There have been many criminals, gentlemen and warriors on this battle ground. I have taken many hits, but nothing quite like the impact equality had in this arena.

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My sister and I have just recently acquired two handsome, strong, amazing male stallions. The reason we have such a desire for these stunning animals is the way they make us feel in charge. The feeling of domination over other things. Like we’re the queens of the world. My sister keeps telling me that everything around us is ours for the taking and that trickery and persuasion are key factors in getting others to listen to you. We think alike in a lot of ways. Ice cream, television and horses are common interests we share. Whenever my sister wants to do something I tend to agree because she says she knows what’s best for the both of us.

Today I started to notice how much control she has over myself. I asked her if we could go down to the river and try fishing. She instantly declined and insisted we go over to the stallions to see how they’re feeling  and maybe take them out for another ride. When we got there I was eager to try on my new brown leather boots that I had bought just a few days prior. I asked my sister if I could switch boots today and maybe she would agree with me for once and do the same. As ignorant as usual she said no, no, no and gave me the boots we wore each ride. As soon as we saddled up the horses were off galloping as fast as wildfire. We slowed down and I looked at the beautiful sunset that was disappearing over the grassy hill we went by. My sister didn’t see it. All she saw was an old fluffy hill with gofer holes and dandelions. And at that very moment I realized something I had never thought of before.

Her perception was only what she wanted to see. In her imagination she was the queen and I was her royal companion, accompanying her when she wanted me there. We passed by an amazing, golden-yellow Palomino horse. It was as if the creature was calling my name with sweetest sound of an angel. Immediately I hopped off the stallion and ran to the animal. It had bright shiny hair brushed over its head and down its neck. These horses were my favourite. The reason I have a strong passion for horses is due to many reasons. My sister wanted me to believe that we were in control of them. However after thinking about my separate self I realize that I like them because of their beauty. I also like the way I feel riding. Not as a powerful being controlling all things, but rather the connection I share with these elegant animals. The way I feel connected to the inner soul that lives within the horse, that given by God. My sister is too caught up in the feeling of power. When we used to pester our younger brother she would force him to do things for us and implanted that thought into my brain as if it was what we were suppose to do.

After this moment of fascination and contemplation my sister started demanding I get back on our walk and to stay away from such a wild animal. I however decided to stand up for once and speak my mind. After all if I were to stay in my little box of comfort no change would occur. “No, I think I’ll ride this one instead and go down to the river and try to fish,” I said firmly. Stunned by the amount of force in my voice my identical siblings’ arrogant smile melted to a marshmallow. As I knew she would try to convince me otherwise I saddled up the horse and we were off to the river.

I’ll admit it felt good to speak my mind and let all my inner feelings out. I would like to say that I’m alone, that a part of me is missing. The truth is I’m not. This poor animal was just sitting there all alone with no one else to be with. He was all alone. The river is nice and calm, perfect for fishing. Before I could even through my line out my sister came right up behind me. She looked as if something was deeply troubling her. I could tell she had begun to figure out just how different we really are.


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Are we all equal? Are the roles we have assigned to us because of heredity/gender biased circumstances or can we achieve them by our efforts and talents given to us from above? We all have purpose here on Earth. This story shows how one person can speak on behalf of everyone as a whole and wake up those who have fallen into the ways of the world.

A message that I found in the story is that one person can change everything if they only take up the courage to speak and say what’s on their mind. Courage plays a role in this story. Alma Niles takes up the courage to ask the teacher a question that had been both troubling her and made her wonder. Real change only happens when people speak their mind. Think about Jesus and the life he lived here on the Earth. If He didn’t speak His mind to everyone and give them the messages and ways to eternal life, the world would be a mess and there would be no meaning to life. It’s because He spoke that everything came to be. All Alma did was speak and it changed the outcome of the rules for carrying water. However, she was picked on an bullied by the boys for what she did. This causes me to think about the death of Maximillian Kolbe. There was a man Auschwitz who was crying because he was chosen with ten other people to be killed by starvation due to the attempted escape of another prisoner. He was crying for his children and wife because of the thought of never seeing them again. Father Kolbe volunteered and happily took his place. Maximillian did die an excruciating death, but he did it for the greater good of that one, poor man. When we suffer for others we can be reminded of the suffering Christ went through for us. Alma wasn’t thinking about the consequences at the time, but rather the good that would come out of it for her female classmates.

Second chances is another interesting characteristic of the story. Ms. Ralston’s first hit went right into the glove of one of the boys and then unexpectedly fell out. The luck that occurred in this scene was very fortunate for the teacher as her next hit was out of the park. When we consider all miracles and blessings that go on in the world we’ll find that luck or chance really doesn’t exist at all. There is only two concepts to contemplate when a “lucky” situation occurs, is it a blessing from God or a purposeless force that means nothing. The idea of fun usually ties into a meaningless outcome. The desire for eternal connections and improvements end up in either blessings or lessons. In my perspective, this scene is a favourable for Ms. Ralston because she’s proving a point for a good cause. She receives a blessing from God in order to do something good.

One aspect I found appealing was that carrying the water bucket was considered “something real.” For the kids carrying this bucket to the school allowed them to miss class and be considered strong. What are some things in society that we consider to be “real?” It is usually when we fit into a specific group or do something that requires skill, effort or something out of the ordinary that people begin to recognize us, and that is exactly what people look for. Attention comes in many forms whether it be popularity, wealth or preforming acts worth being recognized for. The world would be a different place if people would perform good deeds and be nice without expecting anything in return. Without expecting attention. The idea of doing something real connects to the concept of becoming great in the world today.

The message of the whole story is discrimination, and the effect speaking up can do for the people all around you and yourself. It was through one girl who spoke her mind that the course of the way the transportation of water changed. We shouldn’t judge a book by its cover is the main theme of the story.


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September 13th. The isolation on this iland is killing me faster than the painful state that I am presentlee in. I was hoping that the arrival of the female ratts would transpire quicker than my passing deth which will occur very soon.

September 14th. There hav been some peculiar noizes going on in the vault that is locked up so tightlee. This lonely place must be driving me madd. The possibility of another person or creature here is very slim. After all the key is stihl in the well, out of reach. I think I’d better go get the key with the long fiching net along the beach and see what is happening inside the prison I used to call home.

The key wasn’t that hard to get. Before I must not have been using my smarts. There is a laddur beside the door. I’ll grab it and using it to unlock the vault. The reason I use such a thing is because I am so weak in my legs from, the accident.

Before I could hop on the laddur, the most beautiful creature came prancing out. Words cannot describe the attraction I felt towards her. It was as if she had crossed over from another parallel universe. I thought I’d better ask her what her name is. She replied almost instantaneously and said something that frightened me immediately. How does she know? Who did she talk to? My name is Barbara and I know all about you, and Barney.

September 15th.  It has a bean a little over a day now and I hav gotten to know Barbara pretty well. It turns out she had bean testing on other rodents too with glutamic acid and forces them to take it three times a day. The snake, which she tested on, is smarter than Barney was when was still alive. It can open doors, climb cupboards and is even starting to write. Barbara is a majestic, stunning woman, but she did sneak into my lab and there does need to be respect given towards the head scientist. I am going to talk to her and see if she can ease up on the glutamic acid which she’s treating the snake with.

September 16th. I think everything is working out pretty good now with Barbara gone. She wanted to continue with the treatment on that sneaky, demon-like snake. I had no ti’m for it, so I said goodbuy and sent her on her way. Barbara said she had seen a similar place around her and that she would make sure that I would never see her again. It is such a shame because she was so beautiful, but when you cross the line, it can leave some agony in the heart.

The well by the beach is so dirty now and the key is still out of reach. There is a smaller rope here in the vault, which is perfect considering how much weight Ive lost. Tomorrow I’ll go retrieve the precious key and fix the door so that nothing can get in or out.

September 17th. The rope is still not long enough and it is two dark down here to sea anything other than the decaying smell in the water. I am going to return to the surface and find a longer cord. Before I returned to the surface I could see Barbara. She looked more beautiful than ever, but something looked a little demonic in her eyes. That of both anger and joy. The rope is breaking slowly right in front of my eyes. I hope I can escape before real danger occurs.

September 18th. High, this is Barbara. I’m filling in for now. If you are wondering wear the  scientist is, he is in fact feeling very ill and is sleeping, for now. It wasn’t a snache that has gained so much intelligence, but rather a beautiful, stunning ratt who is way smarter than the snache previously described. I knew Barney before, because that horrible man took him away from me without consent. We used to have so much fun together and were about to make progress, until he came and snatched Barney away from us. I tried to grab him before the rope snapped, but it was too late. I had found another rope and was able to rescue the scientist before real danger occuureed.

I can hear this awful noise coming from outside. It’s as if someone is drowning and gasping for air. I am ok though and I think I will continue with my previous treatment on the amazing ratt. If anyone is reading this, I would like a couple more bottles of glutamic acid as I am running a little low. The door is locked and nothing is able to get in the vault. Don’t worry about the scientist as he is in critical condition and requires deep rest. When he awakens I can assure you he will be perfectly fine.

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