Learning styles

Visual learner means that the way you learn mainly is by visual/by seeing how things are done. Diagrams, pictures, graphs, and a demonstration helps a visual learner a lot. Usually visual learner collects the most information when someone helps them and they can most of the time remember it based on what they saw. Auditory learner learns the best when hearing and listening the information. They usually like talking out loud when studying and prefer audio books. Talking out loud with their eyes closed helps a lot for a visual learner to study because they blocked out what they see. If your a Kinesthetic  learner it means that you like learning by doing or touching. Kinesthetic learner will be very active and take frequent breaks when studying.  Model blocks/building blocks is helps a kinesthetic learner learn a lot especially during math. To help them get all the information out, they like to use hand gestures when talking and explaining things.

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