Media Assignment #1 How-To

For my first media project, I wanted it to have a message. What I wanted to advocate for is child education, and what I did will be explained below.

I had ideas of how I was going to convey the message. From a little bit of tweaking, I played with the vibrance, and went with a classic black and white background, with certain colours more darker tone than others.

To place importance on the school bus, instead of just making it black and white, I modified the colour so it stood out when looking. Perspective was something that I learned during this process. It can help make a certain images look more realistic.



The key above is the smudge tool.

I used it to make the window look more realistic. What I did next was to add the slogan to the image, “Don let their lives end, before it even begins.” The inspiration is from a child education campaign page on google.


Hello Kitty Kitty

My inspiration Hello Kitty Kitty

I’m using adobe cs4 as the editing software, and in this project I tried to play with the opacity

I took some of the pictures I used from google. To get the same results, just type fish, human in ocean, coral reef, and dolphin.

For example: This one is not the one I used, but something similar to the picture.

I edited the fish tail out of the actual fish, and attached it to the human that I found. What I found is that, changing the size image of both the human and the fish, and playing around with how big or small you want the tail to be, can make it seem more realistic.

*This was the key that I used to cropped both images of the fish, human, and dolphin out of their original picture.

In the beginning, I already found a background of an ocean bottom. By using the eraser key, I used it to erase any details that I did not want from the dolphin and the fish tail.

Take the coral reef, and erase any part that you don’t want, then crop, place it to wherever you want it. To make it look more realistic, play around with the opacity so it looks more blended.

Do anything to make it to your heart’s desire.

My work

Then Now Together

The inspiration for this project can be found on this page.

Pictures I got from google


I cropped and erased parts of the pictures I wanted on the empty window scenery.

This time, I played with the opacity with the rainbow and moved it to around 40 to 50 percent.

To make the sky perfect to the frame, I placed of where I wanted the sky to to be. When it was time to erase, I changed the opacity to around 40 percent, now to low or high, because you might erase a part that you do want. By the time I was finished, I changed the opacity of sky back to normal.

This is your dream, so you can make it to however you like.

Opposite attract meme

The  assignment is to use animals that usually don’t get along, and making it into a hybrid. For the project, I am changing it a little to my preference. Instead of going along with the instructions, I instead created a scenario of where the animals are happy with one another.

I went and got images of Tom and Jerry because in the series they were always enemies against one another.



Next, I used the crop key to crop each image into one main document, size 22 by 12.

I used the eraser key for erasing some of the little details I could not get from just cropping. Once I did that, I used the select key to move the images onto one single document.

Next I went back with the eraser key to erase the white background that I couldn’t get out from cropping.

Tom and Jerry are having lunch together, and Jerry is running because he see’s the cheese.

Combo Photo

My inspiration for this project ComboPhoto

Find two or more pictures for this assignment. I wanted to make a place, or a scenery.

I first cropped out the bottom part of this image to get the ocean waves.

I incorporated the sand to the picture by taking an image from google, and cropping some of the sand. This is also what I did with the tree image. The problem with this tree is that I wanted it to be a certain size to fit the background. But what would happen is that sky in the background would be smaller, so it wouldn’t fit the frame. So through a little experiment, I went back to the original picture, and I cropped more of sky to fill in the gap.

*If you look more closely on the before and after, you can see that the after tree has a different sky than the first picture.

Step 5: I estimated of where I wanted to put the images, but also leaving a little gap in between each so I can later blend in those lines.

Step 6: I erased what I didn’t wanted so it would blend more. During this process, I also learned the purpose of two keys.


Step 7: I used the dropper to select the color I wanted that matched the sand. Used the paintbrush icon to blend.

My finished work


Warning Poster

For my first assignment I chose to create a warning poster

Step 1: Find an idea that you want for the poster. I am thinking of doing a warning poster with a haloween theme to it.

Step 2: I first created a new document with the width of 11 and height of 16.

Step 3: I then proceeded to search for some images, for example blood drips, warning sign etc on google images.

I found a lot of help through this  video.

Step 5: I learned from the video above on how to crop the image, and the basic keys for making the poster.

Step 6: Through what I learned, the third key is to crop the image that you want. First key is the select key to drag an image. The editing program adobe cs4 is really cool, as it allows you to go back to a specific layer of the picture.

Step 7: Ensemble where you want your images at, and write whatever you want with the text box key.

Step 8: Go back in with fixing any details or changing the size image to fit onto the page better.

My finish work



Figures Of Speech: Sunrise On The Veld

Pity and Terror Juxtaposition

I wonder to myself, did he pity the buck, or was he in terror first?  How could we associate pity with terror, or terror with pity, or just the comparison between the two words. They are emotions that we, as humans, experience, but I am starting to wonder if the boy is written to be new of these feelings. Perhaps to be a ruler, you would need to conquer the world, and the same with emotions. Like how all previous rulers would say, don’t let your emotions get in the way of your conscience. Because once you experience these emotions, you become vulnerable to change, and it could mean losing your original goal. In this case, would pity overcome terror


It is a reflection of what used to be there, something that happened to only become an empty sound. “And for minutes he stood there, shouting and singing,” was it to create an imitation of what once was there, or, was it to test his own existence? The odd thing was that this echo who is supposed to be a revertebration of him , isn’t actually him? The question would be, who? It emerged to me that this could either be a symbolization of growth, or the opposite, change.

Whispering Ants Personification

Personification is putting human characteristic on something non human. To me, it helps readers relate to something inanimate if there is human nature added to it. At first hearing the word ant, you can find some comparison here and there, but ultimately we can’t relate to something Thant we aren’t. In the beginning, we learn that he believes he can control the world, but near the end, the boy himself, discovers that it is only to a certain extent. The ants represents the dark mind, when it whispers, we believe it’s judgements. Although ants don’t realize that there is a actually a young kid in front of them, we can preceive that these ants probably see him as a mount of flesh to be eaten, just like how the buck had been. He, who we all believed was just a kid at start, became a person who has accept that dying is a part of living

Water and Diamond Metaphor

Like the saying goes, diamonds are a girls best friend. But the real question is, why is a piece of stone, placed more valuable than something that we all need in order to survive? Is it because of the origin? Or the person who picked it? Or the glistening of it? Our bodies without water will only last about 8-10 days, meanwhile without diamonds, I’m pretty sure that we can all last a whole lifetime, except for maybe those who are really desperate. Like any other rocks or stones in our yards, what makes this one more special? This concept of placing value on things that are actually free, provided by the earth to begin with is shown through the ideas that Lessing’s have used. Water is an essential part to every living organism, even the boy realizes it that he is no exception to this fact.

“His clothes were soaked with the sweat of that of other’s creature pain” Metaphor 

Debating if he shall or shouldn’t end the life of the deer by the sound of his gun has brought upon a new perspective into view. If he doesn’t kill the buck, he will be considered a selfish being, only caring about his own self needs and not of that of the bucks pain, but if he were to kill the buck, what would become of him, a hunter who kills animals on the verge of dying?  The recognition that this buck was just like him, living only a few hours ago, has brought the feeling of empathy as he was the one who was alive and well, not dying. All in all, the bucks pain became his own as he begins to realize the truths about living.

Word Craft: Sunrise On The Veld

Improvised is an interesting word because to me, it defines what life is. In this story, we discover that the boy who had acted like he could control the world, was actuatlly carrying false pride. Perhaps in the beginning he knew that this dark side of his mind, from known to unknown, was between him and the good. Like this boy, Lessing’s portrays the brighter side of youth, the side where we are oblivious and are just starting to explore the world. But as we get on with the story, we discover that maybe it was all just an act, and it was his impulse control or improvisation to make it look like he knows it all.

Luxury is a state where we find great comfort and ease living, and this doesn’t have to mean luxury riches all the time. It could mean unknowingly taking advantage of something so familiar, and somehow placed in a situation where you don’t feel comfortable in. In the plot, the luxury would’ve been the warmth his bed had provided, to waking up before the clock ringed. It is through a series of harsh realities, that he realizes that he was only a small child who has never experience death. This luxury that we all thought was good, was maybe the thing that kept him from learning the truths of the world, like in the end we will all become the dust that lays on the ground. Was the thing that we ever seek for in comfort, actually the very thing good for us?

Reluctance is the feeling or showing of hesitation. In this case, is it to wake up before the clock, or,  to wake when it starts to ring. There is always temptation to do the opposite of what we are supposed to do. As he went to get the dogs, even they knew that they had to wait for the master to give them the signal before they can go to the ever cold morning. Again, from a place we ever knew, to the unknown outside world, we will often find ourselves tempted to explore, but at the same time hesitating as it is the unknown.

Fatality I often associate it with death or terminal illness. In the story, the only fatality that really happened was the death of the buck. Now is to let Mother Nature take its course of letting death take over the buck, or to interfere with the life of a living who is at death’s door?It was also because of this death, the boy realized that there is more to living as he go through unfamiliar emotions of dismay and anger. This decision of dying may not be determined by us, but is actually the natural life cycle that we will all have to go through, wether we like it or not. This boy who lives, I presumed a very sheltered life, experiences the death of a living thing for the very first time. It had never came across his mind that maybe one day he could be like the skeleton that laid on the ground being eaten by ants. It’s ironic how he thinks of himself of someone who is greater than ants and tries to over power all of them,  that these ants can even care less or bat an eye at him.

Eternity Although we know eternity is an infinite or unending time, we wouldn’t get to live long enough to experience what eternity might really be. The boy who was “like a child hearing the word eternity,” doesn’t understand the concept that all human beings die. He had spend his every morning expecting to see the sunrise, but have never really thought further of maybe one day he might not be able to wake up before the clock, or, he will be overcome with the dark side.  Like dust on the earth, one day we will flow along with the wind.