An Emotional Landscape

Her feet move endlessly to the front of a shabby house

An emotion of sadness quickly flashed through her eyes

As fast as it had appeared, it quickly disappeared

A facade was what she was wearing

Her soul appears to be long gone

And loneliness was an understatement

Her hair flowing as the wind got stronger

It was once a home of where laughter was heard from every corner

Now, the house was on the verge of breaking

It was only the smell of dew that filled her nose,

reminding her that fall was already here

The sudden sound of an express train then suddenly ran through the area

Making the air around her vibrate

Inside the house was nothing but the sound of anger

She felt the stares of the once live souls, welcoming her

The sunlight seems to not appear in this darken house

Reality was still unclear for her

Her world was black and white

Only the sight of spider webs were present

Her feet continuously kicks the rubble on the pave walk

Around her, twilight settles in

She then notices the sight of lilacs sprouting from the ground

She wonders how can anything still grow in this deserted town

The once fresh water lake, was now murky and filled with algae,

alongside the overgrowth of dandelions

The chilly air brought a shiver down her spine

Her mind became in a conflict with her soul

The sudden feeling of the sun’s warmth spreads

It’s brilliant light continues to shine, making her eyes squint

To her realization, this town has never changed to begin with

It was still as beautiful and as alluring as it was before

The sun was still shining,

And the sound of the wind still existed

It was only she,

who was the one who had change.

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