Ping Pong Trick Shot   My ping pong trick shot was set up on a moving trolly. We used some tubes from paper, a wiffle ball, spinny toy, and a tray to catch the ping pong ball. My team came up with this trick, because we saw the holes on the trolly that a ping pong ball could… Continue reading Ping Pong Trick Shot

Trick shot Challenge

My main trick shot is to flip spices onto a spice rack. I am going to stand on one side of my kitchen and spin the spice like you do in a bottle flip onto the rack. Dribble a soccer ball and kick it behind me into my backpack. Then casually zip up my bag… Continue reading Trick shot Challenge

“Who am I” Motivation

My top motivational factor is achievement, and my second highest is relationships. Motivation is extremely important when you are looking at a lifelong job. If you are to do one occupation for the rest of your life you need to love your job, and be motivated to do your best. Life may seem short, but… Continue reading “Who am I” Motivation

‘Who am I,” Knowledge

After taking the “Who am I” test on knowledge I found out that my top subject area is physical education. Physical education is my first subject area at 100%, my second is business at 78%, and my third is language arts at 78%.     Courses that involve physical education help me and others understand… Continue reading ‘Who am I,” Knowledge

“Who Am I,” Interests

My interest type is called “The Shepherd” or the SA. These types of people have good time management, and really enjoy lending a helping hand. Shepherd value everyone as a person or individual even when doing group work, and love working with a variety of people. If you need someone to listen, or understand your… Continue reading “Who Am I,” Interests

“Who Am I” Personality

After taking the personality quiz I found out that I am a ESTJ, also known as (The Supervisor). Majority of the ESTj’s are very outgoing and are comfortable in large group settings. Socializing and disscussing problems outloud are some of their strong suits. Some of their actions can come across as impulsive, for they don’t… Continue reading “Who Am I” Personality

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