“Who am I,” Learning Strategies


                                                                                                                   Learning Strategies: 

“Who am I”, I am a student who’s learning strategy is Kinesthetic and auditory.  Kinesthetic is learning by touching and doing something, and auditory is some who learns by listening.


I had four study tips recommended to me, some of which are to be useful for Kinesthetic and auditory learners. Participating in hands on tasks is said to be the number one great way to study. Using flashcards to visibly see concepts that had been covered in class was the second tip shown to me. The third way to study is studying in short blocks to capture large amounts of information in a short period of time. This allows yourself to focus for a short period of time, and gives yourself something to look forward to, like breaks. The last study tip that was given to me states to construct models visually see representation of concepts. I have not attempted to participate in hands on tasks, but I think visual learners would benefit from this. Flashcards have been beneficial to me in the past, so I have used this learning strategy. I frequently take breaks to give myself something to look forward to other than studying.


Knowing how you prefer to study can help you have a better academic performance, because if you study correctly your marks on tests can increase. Studying may be seen as an uninteresting task, but if you know your learning strategy studying is made stress free.


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