“Who Am I” Personality

After taking the personality quiz I found out that I am a ESTJ, also known as (The Supervisor). Majority of the ESTj’s are very outgoing and are comfortable in large group settings. Socializing and disscussing problems outloud are some of their strong suits. Some of their actions can come across as impulsive, for they don’t always think with consideration before they speak. If or when starting a new task they enjoy setting goals, and pushing themselves to reach it instead of having a deadline. “Supervisors” are organized people whom like to plan ahead rather than do things freely. Presenting information in a clear, persistent way helps them to stand out as good communicators. If they are to make decisions they think of fairness, not how it will affect others.

The E in ESTJ means to focus your energy on extraversion. Extraversion is when you gain energy from being at social gatherings. People who are extroverts are comfortable in large group settings, and they like socializing. When gathering information “Supervisors” prefer sensing. If you sense it means you gather information an orderly fashion and pay attention to details. If I have to make a decision I usually use”thinking.” This may sound weird, but it means that I do not let my personal bias influence me. These decisions are made upon the criteria of fairness without letting my personal bia’s influence me. As to Lifestyle and structure J stands for “judging.” Given that when someone says judging you think of them judging you or others, but that isn’t correct for personality. Judging are people who are: thoughtful, judicious, organized, logical, prefer goals, and like to finish tasks.


One of my personality traits that I value a lot is extraversion. I believe that not being afriad to put yourself out there, and public speak is very important for your future and jobs. I think that it is very important to understand your personality type, because it helps you be more confident, and accept who you are as a person.

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