“Who Am I,” Interests

My interest type is called “The Shepherd” or the SA. These types of people have good time management, and really enjoy lending a helping hand. Shepherd value everyone as a person or individual even when doing group work, and love working with a variety of people. If you need someone to listen, or understand your needs a Shepherd can help you. I think that the Interest type chosen for me describes me very well. Working with children, and teaching others is something I enjoy. I have never really thought about my interest type, but I really believe that this survey hit the head on the nail.


The first primary interest trait that was given to me was social and it was rated at a staggering 94%. Social professions circle around other people. These jobs would have to do with: assisting, teaching, serving, and healing other people. Social occupations can differ from practicality to high academic results.


My second interest traits is 79% artistic ness. Jobs in the field of art have to do with self expression, being creative, and doing work without rules. In this environment you and the environment surrounding you need to be adaptable. I find that this interest trait does not relate to me at all though.


The three occupations that I chose for me were: secondary school teacher, midwife, and early childhood educator. Secondary school teacher reached a compatibility of 94% after I took a test on it. These school teachers usually specialize in teaching 9-12, and take time to prepare to teach a variety of ages throughout the day. Second highest was an early learning childhood educator at 93%. Early learning childhood educators plan and introduce many programs for children. Last but not least 92% would be for me to be a midwife. Midwives monitor maternal conditions during a woman’s pregnancy. I would love to do all of these jobs in the future, but secondary school teacher and being a midwife interests me the most.



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