‘Who am I,” Knowledge

After taking the “Who am I” test on knowledge I found out that my top subject area is physical education. Physical education is my first subject area at 100%, my second is business at 78%, and my third is language arts at 78%.



Courses that involve physical education help me and others understand and accept the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle. Jobs or interests that could end up being your professions for physical education are: sports, wellness, and health science.Having a business major helps you develop a stronger understanding of how a business operates. Occupations with this industry include: accounting, entrepreneurship, and marketing. Taking part in language arts courses help improve your english skills and develop a more powerful belief of literature. Professions that have to do with language are: reading, writing, and communication. My career cluster has to do with a wide variety of jobs that have to do with multiple of the subjects in my area such as: physical education, business, and language. Based on my subject areas my main career clusters are: law, public safety, corrections, and security.


Law has to do with providing legal advise, drafting legal documents, and or representing clients in legal representations. Professional positions that people in law would enjoy, cover everything from: lawyers, notaries, paralegals, judges, attorney and solicitors. Public Safety is a field that has all the jobs that are committed to maintaining safety in public like: police officers, firefighters, and paramedics. Corrections has all aspects of staging a criminals personal sentence. Stages that correction workers like are: imprisonment, managing prison time served, and rehabilitative programs for inmates. Security focuses on private security measures that also protects national institutions. Although it does also protect intellectual abilities, and corporate information. The career cluster says that I would enjoy all of these jobs, and while some of them interest me others don’t such as: corrections, and security.


I was not interested in any of the professions that had to due with my career cluster. However others on the occupations list did like: professional athlete, elementary school teacher, and an exercise physiologist. If I were to become a professional athlete their lifestyle would include: making healthy meal plans, exercising regularly, and attending group practices. Elementary school teachers plan assignments, crafts, or demonstrations to do with each of their classes. Exercise physiologist help others to reach their own goals, and goals set by you to loose weight, or stay in shape after surgeries. All of these jobs sound very interesting to me.



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