“Who am I” Motivation

My top motivational factor is achievement, and my second highest is relationships. Motivation is extremely important when you are looking at a lifelong job. If you are to do one occupation for the rest of your life you need to love your job, and be motivated to do your best. Life may seem short, but especially on the tough days you need to have encouragement to push through the situations that you find difficult. My motivation means to put my skills and knowledge to tests. I like to feel as though I have reached my goals and accomplished something that will last a longer period of time.


Achievement is my main factor that I do feel will apply to me later in life. To achieve something is to reach a goal through countless times using your effort to hit an achievement through hard times. To successfully accomplish something gives me great hope to continue on and improve on my job or life. When or if you are driven by your own achievements, you look ahead to see what you have completed. This could relate to making lists and feeling good when you check something off of it, or feeling as though you have helped the environment. People who achieve tasks are motivated by being able to engage in their skills, knowledge, interests, and personality.


Relationships are most commonly seen as a connection between two things or two people that results in something emotional. Almost everyone forms some sort of relationship with other people. Some may be good, and others not so good but that is because of the differences in your interests, motivations, and knowledge. When you work or interact with people you form a relationship even if you don’t get along. Imagine a situation where you are talking to someone, texting, or meeting another person. You had a connection with them whether you got along or not. I think that having relationships applies to my motivation factors, and will continue to in the years to come with my profession.


Although I had two main motivational factors there were a couple additional factors that pertain to me like: independence, and recognition. Independence is when I can follow my own schedule or work at my own pace. I like being able to try out new ideas, but if I do something wrong I stand up for my actions. Recognition in the sense of motivation means that I love being acknowledged for a job well done. I enjoy approval so I can be lead to further promotions to led others.


When taking the test on knowledge I gained a better understanding on how I acknowledge and obtain motivations now, and how that may change in the future. All of these tests I have taken have helped me understand the deep meaning of knowing yourself before moving on in life. Now that I have a better understanding on how I act in situations and reach goals will help me with my assignments, and understanding the stronger relation of life and religion.



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