Who Am I? Motivations

My primary Motivation Factor is Independence.  It is where you aren’t controlled by no one and don’t care about others opinions. It also means the freedom to organize your own life without needing anyone else but you. They like to keep it to themselves unless they are talking to someone they trust. They prefer working… Continue reading Who Am I? Motivations

Who Am I knowledge

My top subject is physical education. I suppose it helps you understand and appreciate a healthy active lifestyle and the topics that it may involve such things as sports, wellness of a human being and health science. On that note It just means that you’re caring about people’s wellness like taking care of people. On… Continue reading Who Am I knowledge

My Interest

I discovered that I am a Sensei after taking the quiz. Sensei’s might be patient and polite, yet they prefer to work individually. Because they place such a heavy emphasis on learning and comprehension, Sensei frequently pursue additional academic degrees and expertise in the fields to which they are drawn. I, on the other hand,… Continue reading My Interest


Who am I personally? Im usually the type of person to be in a small group but i myself don’t mind being in a big group but I personally prefer being in small group. When learning I prefer to learn alone because i don’t like when I’m being behind. I would rather not be in… Continue reading Personality

Learning Styles

Who am I, exactly? I am a ninth-grader who finds studying difficult. I am also an auditory learner. There are numerous approaches of studying. If you are an auditory learner, I highly recommend reading it several times. I was able to recall everything after doing so. Here are some helpful hints for studying. Record and… Continue reading Learning Styles

Hello world!

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