My Interest

I discovered that I am a Sensei after taking the quiz. Sensei’s might be patient and polite, yet they prefer to work individually. Because they place such a heavy emphasis on learning and comprehension, Sensei frequently pursue additional academic degrees and expertise in the fields to which they are drawn. I, on the other hand, do not enjoy working alone. This is how I prefer to go about things. Independence, a blend of thought and action, a moderate bias for order and routines, and a moderate inclination for thinking with my brain are all examples of moderate bias.

Investigating that requires working with concepts, facts, and theories is one of my passions. I’m the curious sort, so if I have a question and don’t know the solution, I’ll be thinking about it all day and night until I find out. I had a feeling I’d be that kind of person, but I was astonished when I found out.

The fact that I scored 94 percent on the social trait came as no surprise to me. I’m usually a chatty person who enjoys conversing with others, especially about things we both appreciate. It comes as a shock to realize that. But the truth is, when people I don’t know talk to me, I become quiet because I don’t know what they’re talking about. When I’m working with people I usually chat to, I’m really chatty, but when I’m working with folks who aren’t in my group, I’d be the quiet one.

The things I normally do are communicate with my friends and occasionally go out just to walk around alone or listen to music, both of which I enjoy greatly. I spend the remainder of my time alone, either playing on my phone or listening to music through headphones.

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