Who Am I knowledge

My top subject is physical education. I suppose it helps you understand and appreciate a healthy active lifestyle and the topics that it may involve such things as sports, wellness of a human being and health science. On that note It just means that you’re caring about people’s wellness like taking care of people.

On the other hand my second subject is business, it helps you understand how a business would operate. I actually like when things operate that I never imagined like marketing.

I was surprised that I had a 100% on language arts. I understand that I like learning different  languages but the part that I don’t appreciate is when I got a 100% because let’s be real here is that Reading and writing isn’t my favourite thing to do but I really like writing poetry. I enjoy listening to people talking and hearing about their problems but I’m not really good at giving advice to them but I like when they talk about their problems with me.

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