Learning Styles

Who am I, exactly? I am a ninth-grader who finds studying difficult. I am also an auditory learner. There are numerous approaches of studying. If you are an auditory learner, I highly recommend reading it several times. I was able to recall everything after doing so. Here are some helpful hints for studying. Record and listen to yourself reading your notes. Discuss the subject with someone. Close your eyes and repeat the information. Listen to material that is linked to the topic that has been recorded. Auditory learners like to learn by listening and hearing. There are also some effective study techniques, such as underlining/ highlighting key concepts in your notes.

Since I’m not a fan of generating up images in my imagination when studying, or turning concepts into charts and diagrams, these examples come in handy. I’ve tried a variety of study methods, and I’ve always appreciated it when someone takes the time to listen to me and provide comments.

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