My Learning Styles

My learning styles test actually seemed very accurate to me.  I really liked the test because it made me recognize that I actually am a very visual learner but also like to talk about things that I didn’t really acknowledge before.  The test might not work for everyone but it worked for me!

My survey results say that I am a visual learner, which means I like to listen to people or like to hear examples.  I do think I am a visual learner because I do understand concepts when it is explained or shown to me.  My survey results all are very similar in percentage but I do think that I am a very visual learner and thoroughly enjoy seeing what I have to do to understand it.  I think that if you are a visual learner I would take notes to help study, personally I like to take notes and draw with colors and highlighters so I can remember a concept easier.  I like to study alone so I can pay more attention and make sure I can understand the concepts I  am learning.  I also like to ask questions so I can make sure I’m right.  An example of a visual reader is if you are reading a book and it says a dog is a very smart animal you would more than likely remember it, but if you are told that it may not be as easy to remember.  Another example would be if you are studying in a group of people you may get distracted and not end up remembering the concept, but if you are by yourself it may be easier for you to concentrate and remember the concept better.

In conclusion, I think my learning styles test was very helpful because it made me realize that I do like to be independent in learning and also like to see what I’m learning. Overall I think the test was accurate for me.

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