My Interests

My interests include volleyball, drawing, family, adventuring, and hanging out with friends.  I really enjoy trying new things as well.  My Interest test said that I am a shepherd, which means that I like to help others.  It said that I am social and artistic.  I also really like to talk to people and get into deep conversations with people. I also enjoy art, drawing, and hanging out with friends.  

Volleyball is one of my favorite things to do. I started playing it when I was in grade seven and will continue to play it for hopefully the rest of high school. I also like to go to the Rustlers volleyball camp in the summer so I can stay in practice, but because of Covid-19, I couldn’t play this year.  I also play the setter but I really want to be a middle.  Volleyball is a very influential part of my life and I hope it will continue to be. 

Drawing and art are a lot of my favorite things to do.  My mom is a very good artist and took art lessons all of the time, she really influenced me in my area of interest.  Doing art puts me in my happy place, and it is very calming.

I also enjoy talking to people and helping others if they need help.  I always like to be helping others when I can if they are struggling.  Hanging out with my family and friends also makes me happy because I know that I will have someone to talk to and my family and friends are always there for me.

Adventuring is always something I will be interested in and hope to never get tired of it.  My family and I like to canoe the North Saskatchewan River a lot and I am always ready to go exploring.  Hiking is also something I do quite often, I like to go and hike trails and see bears, birds, and plants. Adventuring and being spontaneous is something that will always be a part of my life.  


In the future, I don’t want to forget about the things I love.  All of the things that inspire me really show me who I am and the aspects of my life that may be different from other people.  The quiz definitely, I think, was pretty accurate.  I do really like to be social, artistic, adventurous, play volleyball, and hang out with friends and family.

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