My Knowledge

My survey results were 83% Social Science and 78% percent Languages.  Personally,I am not very smart in that region of learning and would prefer math. Science and Math are definitely my strong subjects and I really like them and I think I always will. History and language aren’t that hard, but they don’t make me as excited. The survey results were not that accurate in my opinion but I can see myself warming up to some subjects.


Social is an interesting subject but it all really depends on what I’m learning.  I like to learn about the history and back in ancient times but learning about politics is not as interesting to me. If I am learning about how to vote and MPs and parliament I have trouble trying to understand the material. History on the other hand makes me want to learn because I am interested in the people and how they had to adapt to society. 


A subject I always look forward to is Math, Math is a very interesting subject to me because I can understand it very well.  It always gives me something new to learn but the material is not that complicated.  Math wasn’t even in my quiz results and I was actually very surprised because I quite enjoy math. 


In conclusion, I don’t think the test was that accurate but I do like to learn about history.  I like math, history, and learning about people.  Overall I think that some of the survey results gave me a good idea about what I would be good at, and some I would like to do when I am older. 



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