My Motivations

In my motivations survey my number one motivation factor is support and my second factor is relationships. These factors are both somethings that I do really admire in people and in myself. I always like to see other people helping others and seeing people grow from each other. Some things that motivate me include art, reading, listening to music and always being productive.

In the survey it says that I like to be supportive, I think that is true because I like to make sure that everyone is happy and if they are struggling with something I always try to do my best to help. If they are in need of help with a school assignment I always try to do my best to help that person even if I don’t really know what I am doing. I also like to help people if they are having a bad day and try to make them happy. Seeing others help others makes me feel motivated to do the same thing, it makes me feel that people are trying to improve themselves and others. Being supportive to people means many things to me, It can mean that you are helping others, talking to people, and many different random acts of kindness.

The survey also said that I am motivated by relationships. I also believe that is true. Being in a healthy relationship is very important to me. I don’t really like unhealthy relationships because it always makes me feel as if I need to help someone, or I always need to do better. A healthy realationship always makes me feel good because I know I can talk to them about anything and they can talk to me about anything. Knowing what is on people’s minds or them telling me what they are struggling with always makes me feel happy because I always like to get into deep conversations with people. If I am at school I always like to be with many people and always like to be social. I also like to be in relationships with people that are honest, If a person can’t be honest with me it makes me feel as if I did something wrong to make them not want to be truthful with me.

Reading, writing, art, and listening to music are also part of my motivation. Reading aways puts me into a good mood and lets me calm down for the day. I especially like reading at the end of the day to help me sleep and relax. Writing also makes a great impact on my motivation, especially journaling. When I journal I feel I can write anything about my day and all of my emotions can be put on paper and I won’t be judged. Art is also something that motivates me, I always feel calm and in a good mental state when I do art, even if I doodle. Listening to music also is one of my motivations, when I listen to music I like to listen to calm music and gather all of my thoughts and emotions. When I listen to music I also like to plan my next day in my head or something important that is coming up.

The result of the motivations test I think were very accurate because I think that relationships and being supportive are a very important aspect of my motivations. I also like my other motivations like reading, writing, art, and music. I think My motivations are really important to me because I always have a good peace of mind when I am doing something that motivates me.

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