A silence to travesty


In the desert a giant concert floor filled with many tourists, animals, and of course Demi Lavato herself. Many people have gathered in the Sahara desert to watch Demi Lavoto perform her amazing hit song Stone Cold. The lights dimmed and the sounds of desert animals and a faint sound of the piano started to fill the air. Many tourists and people were enjoying the grace of her singing and the harmony of the piano. The way she sang was almost like an angel had fallen upon the dark night. Then all of a sudden you could hear a giant noise off into the distance of the Sahara desert! A giant roar had silenced the crowd, now they are all looking toward a giant tiger who had come upon them.  Everyone has become silent as if they had been frozen in seconds.  The tiger leaped through the crowd from person to person giving them a long stare.  As the tiger had approached the stage many people broke their silence and had started to scream.  All of a sudden Demi just started singing the end of her song, and grace, once again, had fallen upon the crowd and the tiger.  Eventually, the tiger went on its way and it was almost like it had never happened.  After the tiger had gone on its way many people were angry and upset that no one even cared what happened.  They were so Destrot that some started to come on stage with stones they had found on the floor of the Sahara desert. The people had all come on stage and started to throw stones at Demi until she had eventually died.  No one had ever talked about this travesty ever again as it seemed that they were all brain hypnotized by the silence of the Sahara desert.         

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