I only had to take this survey once for it to perfectly describe me and my motivations   My main motivation is achievement meaning I am driven by the feeling of accomplishing something. I enjoy the feeling of doing something successfully and working hard. The survey tells me that I thrive on achievements, accomplishments, or… Continue reading Motivations


According to the knowledge test, my main subject area is business. I’m not sure how accurate this is because I don’t know a lot about business but I think it is very interesting.   My top four subject areas combined sound quite like me and it makes sense because they are all the same percent.… Continue reading Knowledge

My interests

My interest type is the futurist (IA). My interest types include being investigative, independent, social, and artistic.   My primary interest trait was investigative. I believe I am investigative because I enjoy solving problems and analyzing and investigating information. People with investigative interests are usually more curious and outgoing. Investigative occupations usually involve working with… Continue reading My interests

Personality Survey

My personality type is ENTP. It was very close between the last question, and personally I think I am in between ENTP and ENTJ.   Some of the characteristics I was givin that relate to me include being social and energetic, enjoying being the centre of attention, making decisions based on facts rather than feelings,… Continue reading Personality Survey

My Learning Style Survey

I am a kinesthetic learner. I learn by touching and doing rather than by seeing and hearing. My blueprint recommended a couple of study tips for me that I believe will work.   I should study using hands on tasks to help me retain information. Flash cards can be useful for kinesthetic learner to sort… Continue reading My Learning Style Survey