My Learning Style Survey

I am a kinesthetic learner. I learn by touching and doing rather than by seeing and hearing. My blueprint recommended a couple of study tips for me that I believe will work.


I should study using hands on tasks to help me retain information. Flash cards can be useful for kinesthetic learner to sort the concepts. Another tip I was given was to make a model or diagram to help visualize the concept and although that my work, that is not a study tip I would use.


My favourite study tip I was given was to study in short blocks of time and take lots of breaks. This is something I have always done because I can’t focus for long periods of time. If I have multiple subjects to study I will study each one for a short amount of time and switch subjects every so often. This keeps my brain activates so I don’t get bored and loose focus.


Now that I know what my specific learning style is, I can use this information to help me learn and study more effectively. This will not only help my marks but also my confidence about school in general.



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